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Text to Music (TTM) |

AKA: 'Text to Song', 'Text-to-Music', 'Text to Melody' or 'Words to Music'

Wotja®: Software for Ambient Generative Music & MIDI - AU3/VST3 Host App & Plugin

OS: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, tvOS, watchOS | Device: phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, desktop, tv, watch

"Text to Music" ("TTM") (AKA text-to-music) is a powerful generator technique used by the Wotja App & Wotja AUv3 / VST3 Plug-in software to quickly originate music, melody or beat ideas.

See the 2 min Tutorial: Quickstart with Text-to-Music (TTM)

Wotja has used a stochastic/heuristic 'text-to-music' technique ever since 2014 - it is a pioneer!

Wotja takes text/characters/words as input and uses a stochastic/heuristic (i.e. not generative AI) text-to-music technique to generate a "melodic seed" which can be used in a song, music or even for beat generation, e.g. for IDM.

Assuming nothing is changed in the underlying mix (e.g. Rules etc.) then, although Wotja's text-to-music technique relies on chance, the melody generated for any particular text input should always be the same.

As it originates from your text or words, the parameter-adjustable melody can therefore be considered to be "imbued with meaning". It is that direct linkage that also makes Wotja Text-to-Music a key aspect of Reflective Music.

Ever since 2014 we have continued Wotja's support for TTM and as well as extending how it uses it. This has meant ever-deeper integration between the music engine (WME), sound engine (WAE) and text engine (WTE) at the core of Wotja.

Want to start exploring TTM?

Get Wotja (it's free). Versions are available for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

See the 2 min Tutorial: Quickstart with Text-to-Music (TTM)

There is in fact so much to explore that once you get started with Wotja you may well find you enjoy going "ah, now let's try this... and this... and, ooh this... fabulous".

See the Wotja User Reviews for a flavor of that 😁.