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Wotja Tips

Why leave a Tip? To help support Wotja's continued development!

If you have a OMG!! moment or just really enjoy listening, please do leave a 'Love it!' Tip.

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Intermorphic is just Tim and Pete and we develop Wotja, our life passion. In Lite mode we allow a lot to be done for FREE.

Wotja continued development is funded by those kind users (i.e. YOU) who choose to make an In-App Purchase (IAP) of some kind:

  • You may be one of our many users who enjoy listening to Wotja for free
    • You can give a 'Love it!' Tip whenever you have an OMG!! moment, or really at any time you want!
    • You can tip as often as you like and know that your every kindness will help suppport continued development of Wotja for you and everyone else.
  • You may be a creator who has already decided to Go Pro
    • Our Pro IAP options are deliberately priced to be as low as possible and we know from feedback that many users think they are worth a LOT more than we choose to charge for them.
    • If you enjoy listening and appreciate our low Pro pricing then please do sometimes also give us an occasional 'Love it!' Tip - you will know you are really helping us (Tim & Pete @ Intermorphic) to continue to work on evolving Wotja!
OMG!! moment - you will know it when you have one!

Many years ago we worked on SSEYO Koan (a precursor to Wotja).

During that time we had the privilege of an occasional visit to the studio of Brian Eno.

We remember a particular occasion when he had one of his Koan pieces generating music and he said "Oooh, listen to that!" (or something similar). That was a OMG!! moment right there :).