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Wotja Icon Why Tip?

All Wotja Apps include a Tip Jar (TJ).

There are 3 great reasons to tip, and you can tip whenever you want!

See Tip Jar (TJ) pricing.

See also: How do I give a tip?

1) Tip and get 30 days of 'Pro' mode on one device

If you have not already purchased a 'Pro' Unlock or have an active 'Pro' Subscription, then one-off tips provide a cost effective and easy way to dip into Wotja 'Pro' mode for 30 days. You can tip whenever you want to do that - be that now, next month, next year etc. And, of the various tip levels we support, you can leave any one you want.

After 30 days (and if in the mean time you have not purchased a 'Pro' Unlock or have an active 'Pro' Subscription!) Wotja simply reverts back to operating in default 'Lite' mode. We provide this awesome flexibility so that anyone can afford to use Wotja in 'Pro' mode!

Example 1: You want to use or try out 'Pro' features
  • Maybe you are listening to 'Flow' you want to export, or you want to play Wotja with no timeouts, open all files (e.g. you have made some in the past), use multi-channel MIDI In/Out, make a recording, save Plug-in data etc. but you don't (yet!) want to purchase a 'Pro' Unlock or take out a 'Pro' Subscription.
Example 2: You're waiting for the next major version of Wotja!
  • Perhaps it is nearing the end of the year and so you don't want to purchase that year's 'Pro' Unlock.
Example 3: You have purchased a 'Pro' Unlock for one OS but occasionally want to use Wotja in 'Pro' mode on another OS
  • Just download Wotja for that OS and leave a tip whenever you want to use it in 'Pro' mode. Easy!

Notes: Purchase of *any* tip in the Wotja Tip Jar (TJ) unlocks 'Pro' mode for 30 days in the Wotja App and associated Plug-in (as relevant) for that device only and provided you do not in that period uninstall/reinstall that Wotja App.

2) Tip to give thanks for OMG!! moments and to FEEL GOOD about having done it!

Many years ago we worked on SSEYO Koan (a precursor to Wotja).

During that time we had the privilege of an occasional visit to the studio of Brian Eno.

We remember a particular occasion when he had one of his Koan pieces generating music and he said "Oooh, listen to that!" (or something similar).

Use the Tip Jar (TJ) to give a special thank you for OMG!! moments. You will know it when you have one. You're welcome :)

Feel good, too, every time you give a "thanks!" tip as you will know we REALLY, REALLY appreciate your generous spirit.

3) Tip to help support further development of Wotja

Intermorphic is just Tim and Pete and Wotja development is funded via purchases of users who choose to go 'Pro'.

Unfortunately, those revenues in no way at all reward us sufficiently for the time we spend on its development, maintenance or extension.

That is why we still have to call Wotja our labor of love.

We also know from feedback that there are a good number of users who think Wotja is worth a LOT more than we choose to charge for it.

If enough kind and generous souls such as you choose to purchase an occasional Tip Jar (TJ) item then it would definitely help supplement that income and would give us additional encouragement to keep pushing forwards for you and everyone else.

YOU can make a difference and make that difference now - don't assume that others will.

The Tip Jar (TJ) is for those users who love Wotja and who can afford to occasionally donate a little more.

What tip should I give?

Well, that is up to you and whether you REALLY want to see Wotja continue to evolve or just love what you are hearing.

Know that we greatly appreciate each and every tip we get.

But I have already purchased a 'Pro' Unlock or 'Pro' Subscription?

Thank you so much for purchasing either, and we hope you enjoy the many updates we release.

The Tip Jar (TJ) is still for you because the last two reasons above still apply!

It's over to you now...

Thank you for your time... and for your occasional tips!

Best wishes from Tim and Pete.