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Video made with Wotja 21

The "JADITO" (or "Just Another D'AI' In The Office") tutorial steps through how to create a fun Wotja mix that, to me anyhow, sounds a lot like a group of AIs having a gossip, i.e. 'everyday robot chit chat'. It uses Ambient Generators that generate notes with short and varying durations, rather than the long ambient sounds that you might be more familiar with, plus some other stuff. The final Mix and Sound Presets are available to download, below.

You can create this mix in the Free versions of Wotja for iOS/macOS/Windows or Android - but to save it requires a Pro Feature Set (i.e. a paid-for Pro version or a Pro subscription). This video shows me making the mix on an iPad Pro.

Big thanks to Mark Harrop for creating some of the patches used in this mix.

Check out a 3 minute audio recording here (in "Other recordings").

How to get Wotja and the Wotja mix file + Sound Presets used in this tutorial:
  1. Get Wotja.
  2. Download the Wotja mix file ("JADITO");
  3. To play the downloaded Wotja mix file see these instructions;
  4. Tap the field to copy the required Sound Preset to the clipboard;

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