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Wotja® App & Plug-in

Live Generative Music  | FREE

AUv3/VST3 Host App + AUv3/VST3 Plug-in

Powerful FREE Software for Generative Music & MIDI

v24.3.1 | 24 Feature Set | PDF > Doc Archive

Wotja Overview | FREE

Wotja®: FREE Software for Live Generative Music & MIDI - AUv3 [AKA AU3]/VST3 Host App & Plugin

Wotja is a FREE App Bundle for: Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, TV, Watch; OS: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Android, tvOS, Android/Fire TV, watchOS; iOS/iPadOS/macOS & Windows Apps are AUv3/VST3 Hosts & include AUv3/VST3 Plug-ins respectively

What is Wotja? | FREE

Wotja is a powerful & FREE system for on-device generation of Live Generative Music & MIDI.

Use it to easily create & play ambient music soundscapes, textured drones, text to music melodies & arps, experimental & adaptive music and so much more.

Use it for FREE in default Lite mode. Or, Go Pro to do the MAX!

Wotja is actively developed, delivers great results and can even be used by Game & App Developers.

Generative Music Creator, Lab & DAW

3 Generative Music Players

Other things to know...

See User Reviews to read some of many nice things that people say about Wotja.

Wotja is pronounced as "whah-chah" [alt "wot-yah"; Siri "woa-chah"].

Wotja App Bundles include the AUv3/VST3 Plug-in (iOS/macOS or Windows respectively).

Wotja generates music locally on your device (i.e. no internet connection is required for generation).

The in-depth Wotja User Guide, Wotja Tutorials and Wotja FAQs should provide all the help you need to begin your creative journey with Wotja.

Wotja is actively developed by us at Intermorphic Ltd.. It has a distinguished provenance being the continued evolution of 1992+ SSEYO Koan, 2007+ Noatikl, 2007+ Liptikl, 2008+ Mixtikl & 2012+ Tiklbox.

If the above is enough of an overview for you, then get Wotja now (it's free) and get started creating/playing. You'll soon understand why Wotja is so difficult to pigeon hole. Otherwise, read on...

The Power of Chance

Wotja (which also has MIDI out) does NOT use 'Generative AI' to mine and repurpose or repackage human-derived knowledge and preferences, meaning it does not therefore appropriate a musical 'style'. Instead, it uses the power of chance to live-generate its magical free-flowing music, generative music. The magic actually happens because of the skills of generative music artists who use Wotja and how your brain/mind interprets what it hears.

When it comes to creating music, learning to 'let go' and to embrace chance is not as easy as you might think. That is because your natural tendency is to want to lock things down. However, learning how to let go means you can then focus on experiencing fresh 'Generative AI-free' music that is live-generated, unique and totally personal to you in that moment - i.e. InMo Music.

Many great discoveries also happen by chance. For example, how did you first come across Wotja? Most probably by chance. See? :) That is the power of chance in action, right there!

Check out some User Reviews.

Wotja in an AI World

We've said above that Wotja does not use 'Generative AI' and is aleatoric at its core, i.e. it is not 'AI Music'.

You might well be thinking if Generative AI can now or in a year or 2 or 5 or 10 years be able to do most things related to music creation, then where does Wotja - a creativity system - fit in? Does it have a place? Will it remain relevant?

We believe that Wotja does have a place and will continue to be relevant as not everyone will want to use Generative AI for everything related to music creation. Whilst being use for e.g. final mastering and auto-accompaniment may well be accepted, once people better understand the issues and the initial novelty has worn off, there may well be a backlash against comprehensive use wrt e.g. composition etc.

We don't have a crystal ball so only time will tell. In the meantime, here are some things to consider:

Area of concern AI Music Wotja Music
Listener manipulation With AI Music you will never know if or how you are being emotionally or mentally manipulated. With Wotja Music being aleatorically generated there is no manipulation - your mind does all interpretation.
Creator or Enabler? When AI Music is generated for you by entering text descriptions, then you are the enabler for it to be creator. You are the creator, the creative force, and Wotja is simply an enabler for you to explore your creativity.
How is/was it created? You will never know or understand how AI Music was created or generated. You can edit everything in a Wotja Mix file and so experiment with it.
Sharing your skills You can share 'descriptions' on what to AI Music to create, but you won't be able to get more granular than that. You can easily share your Wotja Mix files which can be edited by others and you can edit every parameter used.
X-Platform solutions AI Music generating DAWs will likely never be truly cross platform ruling out x-platform project file sharing. Wotja is a cross platform App (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, Android) and Mix files are easy to share.
Musical style vs texture AI Music will get ever better at 'style' because that is where the money is. Wotja is a specialist app for ambient & textured music etc.
Loss of creative control Being creative requires a degree of discipline and ceding creative control may well turn out to be a slippery slope. Wotja is as much about asserting control (through composition & sound design etc.) as it is about letting go.
Use favourite plug-ins Unless used in the context of a DAW with AI Music capability, this is unlikely. Yes, either hosted by Wotja or in your favourite DAW (+ Wotja Plug-in!).
Live generation Likely (at least for a few years) only in the context of a DAW with AI Music capability. Wotja Music is generated live & locally on your device.
It's all too easy... AI Music will get ever easier to make and consume. That's not necessarily a good thing c.f. fast food vs home cooking. Wotja Music will always require a degree of skill to create & customise. After all, life is a journey not a destination.
It's all free... By now we all know that if something is free then you are the product. Wotja is free-to-use in Lite mode and those who Go Pro support development.
Content longevity Who knows what your 'descriptions' will generate next week, let alone in 5 years. Wotja has a 34+ year provenance and we work hard to ensure that your Mix files will always sound as expected.
Company longevity Which AI companies will survive the 'rationalisation' predicted to occur soon? Wotja has a 34+ year provenance and we are not in a tech bubble.
Climate impact AI models require a LOT of power to run. Wotja music is generated on your device and so has minimal energy impact.
Who owns the output? If some black-box Generative AI creates something out of the analysis of the creations of countless artists, what do you really own? With Wotja, you own the output (see these guidelines).
Who is in charge? Big Tech has big investors chasing big returns but when AI finally gets to General AI then all bets are off... With Wotja, you are in charge.

Why you need Wotja

Because life's a journey, not a destination...

If you enjoy creating something, especially something live and "in the moment", you will know why it exists.

Whether you make your own music, write, bake, garden, grow, tinker, paint, weave, sew, design, daydream, draw, noodle, doodle or do any of a thousand other creative activities you will know the inexpressible joy of making something of your own and why you are compelled to create.

It is an itch you just have to scratch, but it can sometimes be hard to scratch that itch if or when ideas don't come - but you still need to scratch it.

Wotja can get you flowing again as it generates live music which can mean new ideas for music.

Wotja can also be used to explore Live Generative Music as a fascinating art form in its own right.

All we can say is that the more you master Wotja (and there is a lot you can choose to master if you wish) the more sense of satisfaction and enjoyment you can get from it!

Check out some User Reviews.

Wotja music art form

There is a lot of human skill involved when it comes customising generative music - it is an art form after all - which is why there are generative music 'artists'.

Consider the above statement in the context of any instrument. Learning how to play 3 chords on a guitar requires some skill but can be picked up by anyone fairly quickly (Wotja corollary: Play a Flow or Create an Auto-Mix).

Going further than that requires more learning, practise, curiosity and experimentation (Wotja corollary: More Tutorials).

Deep customisation is the real power of Wotja, which explains why it is as complex, profound and quirky as it is.

Learning Strategy: Start out with flows, auto-mixes and mix randomisation, and then start experimenting with mix editing. If you focus on what you like (and everyone is different) then you will gradually figure out how to impress your own 'personality' on what Wotja generates. You, too, can become a generative music artist.

Generative Music Players: So that you can easily play what artists create and share, Wotja also includes a number of generative music players, i.e. the Flow Player, Album Player and URI Player (for Wotja WJURIs).

Check out some User Reviews.

How is Wotja Unique?

There are many generative music apps available today, but Wotja is unique amongst them for an array of reasons:

34+ year history of development

Multi-platform system for Live Generative Music

  • With variants available for the main OS platforms, i.e. iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Android, your Wotja creations can play the same on all of them (there are some minor exceptions).

Organically funded development

  • We are not VC funded - we are just a 2-man development team with a long history of innovation in this field (including in the business models to support it) and who relies on users & fans to Go Pro to help fund ongoing development.

Wotja relies largely on chance and heuristics - not 'Generative AI' mining of 'big data'

  • Wotja does NOT use Generative AI to mine human data, knowledge and preferences. Instead it relies a lot on the 'magic fluidity' of chance, heuristics and sometimes patterns to generate free-flowing music emerging from chance. This is totally 'fresh' live music that YOUR MIND contextualises and interprets. As you can edit anything you want in Wotja you can customise what it generates according to your own human skill, judgement and taste. Wotja music is therefore akin to cleansing musical rain, which makes it great for relaxation etc.

Wotja doesn't use your personal data or details

Complex, deep and open generative music authoring tool for anyone and everyone

  • Wotja is very deep authoring tool and with it anyone and everyone can create their own custom ambient generative music with Wotja.

It's FREE to create/save & share your own creations

  • Wotja in Lite mode can be used by anyone for FREE to create and save generative music creations that you can also share - if you just want to listen for a bit you can also do that, too!
  • Go Pro to do the max!

Wotja is a FREE App available via the main app stores

Wotja is a Plug-in Host and Plug-in

  • Wotja supports hosting of 3rd Party Plug-ins on iOS & macOS (AUv3 [AKA AU3]) and Windows (VST3) and includes a Wotja Plug-in (AUv3 / VST3 respectively) for use in 3rd Party DAWs.

System for "Text to Music" (TTM) [AKA "text-to-music"]

  • Wotja can use text to generate melodies, beats and arps which can be used to underpin mixes.

TV Players and Watch app

  • There is Wotja Player for both Apple and Android/Fire TV, and a companion app for Apple Watch.

No Internet connection is required

  • Nothing is streamed, all Wotja music is generated live and locally on your device.

No Hard Sell

  • We don't ask for your email address unless to respond to a support request.
  • We don't spam you via a mailing list for 'marketing outreach' as we do not use email marketing.
  • We don't try to 'hard sell' you In-App Purchases to Go Pro, but we do let you know when you are using Wotja in Lite mode.
  • We don't try to lock you in, and that's because we want support for Wotja to come from happy customers.
  • Our Pro Subscriptions, should you get one, are 30 days auto-renewing and are easy to cancel at any time.

API for use by 3rd Party App & Game Developers

  • The Wotja API is aimed at small developers (and students!) who want to experiment with using Wotja to generate background live generative music for their App, Visualiser or Game etc.
  • Note: Wotja, available for FREE in the main App Stores, needs to be installed by the End User on their device.

Depending on your needs, it is true to say that Wotja could for you be any of the following:

  • It could be the best FREE generative music software system.
  • It could be the best FREE DAW for generative music.
  • It could be the best FREE generative music plugin (AUv3 [AKA AU3] or VST3 plug-ins).
  • It could be the best FREE app software for creating or composing generative music.
  • It could be the best FREE app software for playing relaxing ambient generative music.
  • It could be the best FREE app software for generating "text to music".
  • It could be exactly what you are looking for...
  • There's only one way to find out! :) Get it now

Wotja Past

See SSEYO Koan, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox and retired Wotja versions.

User Reviews

Our users say some wonderful things about Wotja, and how they use it.

Here are just some of the ones...

"Unique & Powerful"

"If you're at all into synthesizers, sound design, electronic music production, creating your own sensory environment, experimenting with sound, chord progressions or new avenues to pursue creativity then Wotja is for you. In over 20 years of producing music and sound I have never seen a tool like Wotja. It's easy to get started and yet allows for an immense depth of control. Highly recommended!"

"Fantastic! "

"The absolute best Generative Music package available for serious musicians and non-musician enthusiasts available. Extremely well thought-out system that is as deep as it is intuitive. You can create completely unique and highly sophisticated musical components or entire compositions and never suffer from writers block or getting bogged down in endless micromanagement."

"I've only imagined this being possible"

"An infinite music generator, better and more immediate, more real than music I could create myself, fresh in every moment. Not only that, but we can "steer" it with preferences and parameters. Amazing."

"Wow. Just wow"

"I love that you pointed out that this is generative and not AI based. I didn't think much of this at first until I saw the midi out, and plugged that into Speldosa, the music box by Wintergaten. It's really nice that this works as an Audio Unit and provides a visual element that is sure to inspire along with the seemingly well generated intervals (it doesn't sound like a kid jamming on a keyboard)"

"Best Music generator ever"

"Professional sounds and easy to use."

"A Masterpiece!"

"Thats what I want for so many years. Simple, elegant and just amazing sounds."

"A Ambient Game-Changer for Beginners and Experienced Musicians Alike "

"I'm so happy I found Wotja! It's a generative music system that's easy to use, yet incredibly powerful. I'm new to music, but Wotja is empowering me to create my own unique soundscapes and melodies. I'm particularly excited about the potential to export Wotja creations to Logic Pro X and empower my existing set of libraries. I think the people behind Wotja are geniuses, and they clearly know inside out the science of sound. If you're interested in creating music, I highly recommend Wotja. It's a must-have tool for any musician, regardless of experience level. I'm not trying to promote Wotja in this review. I just wanted to share my experience with others, because I'm so grateful for this app. It is starting to help me to express my creativity in a way that I never thought I would be in conditions to make it possible."

"Use it for Music Therapy"

"I have been using this tech since I was carting around the 6 disc box set of Koan Pro around the globe with no computer. Using it more than ever now with my little one, it calms her/us down. I also use it as a generative midi creator and pipe those files over to Ableton to run through various synths."

"Just Great"

"Love everything about this program. Been using it since 2020 and it just keeps getting better!"

"Best App For Creating Relaxing Ambient Music!"

"Wotja is the best app for creating relaxing ambient music and soundscapes. Nothing comes close, in my opinion. This is not some set-it-and-forget-it AI software. This app is highly configurable with endless possibilities. I have yet to scratch the surface. There are plenty of tutorials on their website, the customer service is fantastic, and you can't beat the price!"

"Awesome app!"

"Thank you for awesome music app! It's an inspiration for unlimited creativity!"

"Amazing Product"

"The midi integration with my hardware synths is awesome."


"A wonderful endless playground, which just keeps getting better. Only downside is the steep learning curve, but it really rewards experimentation."


"Ever since the days of SSEYO these guys are the innovators of Generative Music. Nothing less than magical!"

"Thanks love this"

"So many possibilities and helps boost creative flow Also incredibly Relaxing"

"I am a non-musician making music"

"Still lots to learn but this is very fun"

"Dive in as deep as you want to go"

"Purchased the Pro version and it is worth every penny. The software goes as deep as you want to, which means you can either just load up the software and hit play, or go as far as building a piece from scratch. It seemed a little daunting at first, but it's actually very intuitive once you dig deeper. I am learning something new every time I play with it. A must for Ambient producers and also for fans of the genre to just chill too. A feature I would love to see, is the ability to export stems rather than a single stereo file during the recording process."

"I have NO idea what I'm doing, but its Excellent. :D"

"Seriously, I'm not a musician or a fast learner, but even I think this is awesome when it comes to creating random ambient music. Perfect for what I need. Good for people who have no idea what TO do or what they ARE doing, but also equally good for others who really know how to dive into the settings. This DAW can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. I can see how someone who can become proficient at this could really make some amazing things, but otherwise, people like me who are just terrible at this sort of thing can still walk away happy. Can't wait for more video tutorials! 5-stars in my opinion, awesome stuff. Thanks! :) "

"Amazing 😍 "

"An excellent application that systematically offers major developments with each new version. As pleasant to listen to in a passive way (relaxing as you wish), as it is interesting in its creative aspect. Many tutorials to deepen, a team that seems motivated by the evolution of Wotja, a fantastic application without any equivalence 👍 Price which may seem high, but totally justified in view of the potential of WOTJA, no regrets for having paid a little more than usual, it is so relaxing and pleasant to use."

"Wotja23 is phenomenal"

"The previous version of Wotja was already awesome, but the new Wotja23 version brings a whole new dimension to generative music. Fantastic!"


"Really cool piece of software. I've bought Wotja for several years now and have really enjoyed each iteration. I recently had an issue with the latest version. This is the first and only time I've had any sort of problem. I reached out to Wotja for support, and the developers were quick to respond. They fixed my issue almost immediately."

"Mac Generative heaven"

"This is one of the rare apps I’ll buy (and recommend to anyone wanting to make music) sight unseen. I’ve used the previous couple of versions, and after an initial learning curve can honestly say this is one of the most powerful and versatile music apps out there! I can heartily recommend this to any generative aficionado’s out there! And a round of applause to the developers too. The sample player upgrade seems to be awesome!"

"A GEM!"

"This is a must have for generative/ambient/experimental music enthusiasts!"

"continues to inspire "

"super impressed w Wotja 23, ive used a number of the versions and variations that proceeded it and have enjoyed them all. they just continue to improve and ‘23 is a sonic daydream, the introduction of the plugin capability is love. i’ll never figure all this app has to offer but it doesnt keep me from getting totally lost in the sauce"

"Getting better every time"

"I've been following Tim and Pete's work for many years, starting with Koan and right up to the latest version oif Wotja. Wotja is great and I've found the latest version to be a real step up in terms of results, Users can dive deep into the parameters and options for ambient dound design or simply hit random mix to produce a complete ambient/cinematic/soundtrack album. Love it! Thanks again Tim and Pete."


"I have purchased WOTJA each year it has been released and was somewhat hesitant about adding the 2023 version ... After just a few hours exploring the 2023 version, I am thoroughly convinced it was worth it. For those of you thinking about jumping in the pool, my sincere recommendation is jump in and enjoy the journey."

"It’s a treasure trove of music creation delight"

"I've merely scratched the surface on what this amazing app can do. Lots of moving parts and Lots to explore. I can create different sound patterns plug my plants into it; which is big fun or I can just relax and play with the generative stuff. Pete & Tim, you've done a splendid job. Thank you and I'm happy to support Wotja. It's just that awesome."

"A new paradigm"

"Wotja for me has really opened a new paradigm in music…. Where creators and machine cocreate. I highly recommend if you like making music digitally and ai"

"Powerful app that rewards application"

"As with any decent piece of software (or tool of any kind), Wotja gives pleasing instant results but also rewards exploration and experimentation with the different aspects that make it so deep. Over the last year I’ve been using Wotja for sound design and audio tracks for performance and art installations. This has used techniques based on the core app, used the ability to drive plugins and also trigger samplers and apps thro AUM in IOS. This new version brings Wotja its own sampler, new filters and a huge new reverb. I really have still only scratched the surface but am constantly delighted by what it produces."

"Sublime Sounds Separate Stereo"

"After using Noatikl some years ago, I was hesitant to invest in a new product. Sure it looked interesting, but the learning curve on top of so many others. Well I can honestly say, just buy it! Learning is a joy and some beautiful "accidents" can be had, just as easy as constructed masterpieces. If you like Ambient or easy listening, and want to generate your own, this is for you. You can now add VST instruments and FX which is amazing. Keep up the great work guys."

"Never fails to impress!!"

"I've had previous versions and have also experimented with other generative software, you can't beat this software for sheer flexibility and depth. A rudimentary understanding of the concepts of musical structure, although not essential, goes a long way towards creating really evocative sonic tapestries."

"best generative app"

"so much sounds, so many the ambience!"

"Discover new worlds of sound!"

"This app is amazing and will help you discover entirely new worlds of sound! Very powerful and very easy to get started with. Developers are super responsive!"

"Great Software Great Developers"

"First impressions mean alot... Im floored, a lilttle weird at first but you get the hang of it quickly.... developers got to me in under 30 min which says so much.... answered my questions and been cruising since....."

"Blue Lieder"

"this is great deff my goto"

"Space the final frontier"

"I love Wotja"

"Wotja - The best ambient music generator"

"Happy New year to all, and especially to Tim & Pete of Intermorphic, the Devs of Wotja (and it's predecessors) over the decades. I've just bought Wotja 23 Pro [ed: 'Pro' Unlock] , and I'm already enjoying the new features. If you have any interest in Ambient or Generative music, then Wotja is must have have software. I'm listening via desktop Mac through a hifi system at the moment, but must get out on my morning walk, so it's going on my iPhone right now."

"Best generative music app by a long way"

"Superlative Generative Music App"

"I enjoy Wotja more and more with each new version and Wotja 22 Pro is sure to be a hit with every user. Now with the ability to use VST3 plug-ins within the app, its useability has increased immensely. Further to this, the app itself can be used as a VST3 plug-in within your DAW. Amazing work, guys, and the Pro version is worth 10 times as much as the cost price!"

"Great! Amazing! Love it! "

" I've looked at quite a few music generators. There are some inexpensive ones, some good ones, and even a few great ones, but none were good (much less great) AND inexpensive until I found Wotja! Wow!!! This thing is solid, and it's many years of development shows in every respect. Plus, it generates astonishingly good output at any level of control you desire. Get it! You won't be disappointed. :-D"

"Total game changer"

"I’ve been using Wotja Pro 21 for just under a year and thought that it was the absolute best generative sequencer available. I stand corrected. The UI changes and tweaks are nice in Wotja Pro 22, and the new euclidian sequencer is great, but what really sets this app apart from earlier versions, and anything else out there at the moment is the ability to use all your existing AUV3 plug-ins on tracks in here. The existing music engine is already pretty good, but this is a game changer! Fantastic work by the developers. Kudos to the team!"

"Amazing tool for ambient music at a crazy good price!"

"Wotja is so inspiring! It opened a whole new door in creating music! Intuitive enough to get going quickly, but immersive and powerful enough to really dig your teeth in!"

"Must Have Generative App"

"If you are at all interested in generative music then Wotja is a must buy. Version 22 takes things a notch higher with both standalone and plugin versions included. This means that your compositions can make use of all of your virtual instruments either inside your DAW or in the standalone app. That said, the built-in WAE sounds are excellent and provide a good match for the in-app music generators. Intermorphic are a small company who seem to work tirelessly to improve the app and document its use on their website. This is probably the most complex generative app around, and while I haven't yet delved into the deeper complexities, I have made some beautiful compositions using combinations of the many included templates. So you can get great results without delving too deep if you don't want to, but will no doubt be rewarded if you do. Highly recommended!"

"fantastic, inspiring"

"this has got me immediately out of a creative block. very deep and lots to get into. the manual is difficult but i understand as the author says that this stuff is harder to explain than just to dig into and learn on the job. find of the year so far."

"Beautiful and Deep…."

"I hadn’t heard of Wotja before, but I certainly won’t forget it. This app is just wonderful in so many ways. If you want to press a few buttons to create a gorgeous ambient playlist to soothe you to sleep, this will do it - but not just by playing pre-recorded music…. It does it by making generative music that plays to the rules you can set. Want to dig deeper? This thing is deep as the sea…. You can tinker with just about every aspect of music creation. The interface is very streamlined and you will soon find yourself immersed in a wonderful musical world with a life of it’s own! For serious musos, this app will talk to your DAW, meaning you can use it’s generative note creation routines to play your own virtual instruments. One of the devs is active on forums and, apart from being there to explain aspects of the software to noobs like me, he also takes suggestions for future updates very seriously. I’ve been using Wotja for 5 days now and find myself in a very relaxed, zen-like state of awe of this masterpiece. Best twenty something pounds I spent in a very long time!."

"Still growing and still amazing software"

"I’ve use Wotja and its earlier incarnations of Noatikl/Mixtikl since I have had my first iPad. There really is nothing quite like it for composing music. Whether its generative ambient soundscapes, classical compositions, modal Jazz or you name it, this is a great tool to get things fleshed out. The interface is fairly spartan and the learning curve is steep but well worth it. In earlier versions, my advice was always, get used to the MIDI routing, turn off the sounds and drive other instruments with it (which still works) but now with AUv3 hosting, you can finally do all of your composing and instrument arrangement within Wotja. Why is that so important? If you’ve tried combining MIDI, AUs and concurrently running apps on iOS you probably know how crash prone all of that can be. Even with state of the art iPads with M1 chips, the software just isn’t as bullet-proof as desktops provide. The ability to use all of Wotja’s features with your favorite synths hosted by just Wotja is really a game-changer. The developers are very active on the product and despite some stability jitters, Wotja is really becoming a full-featured composition tool."

"🔥 "

" I’ve been practicing “rabbit-hole-diving” sports discipline in regards of different types and forms of generative music entity for a while now lol. Started out feeding Mubert algorithm with loops from my productions several years ago as well as created those for this specific implication a bit later - it always got me excited that the machine is able to combine elements that you do well know as the creator but in such ways that they start to form a completely unfamiliar material. Later after these first dives of scratching the surface of generative music, tested out basically every software that I happened to discover (and the pool is getting more and more units as the time goes and this type of music gets more exposure) - some of them are quite impressive and packed with features - such as MIDI in/out support, available as AUv3 etc, etc, etc - some are purely just for entertaining yourself rather than creating anything. So, back to Wotja: Compared to anything that exists out there - this basically is the sickest lab you can think of when speaking or thinking of generative workflows of any kind. Period. And the fact that I’ve discovered it just recently kinda surprises me, ‘cause it seems that the app exists for quite some time. But maybe it’s really for the better - since when you launch the environment for the first time you really do notice that it got to its current state of stability through time of being in active development, no doubt, it’s impossible to fake this stuff - and for the amount of processing it obviously handles in the background it is very safe to say that it’s running rock-solid. Damn, it even supports javascript for the precise control over the real-time composing - and I got my hands on it for some relatively basic tasks and it worked and it really amazes me. Some more HUGE features of this production environment worth pointing out: • AUv3 hosting support in standalone mode, which really promotes this app into the category of DAW - of its own kind. • Custom-made audio engine – if you are familiar with some main titles of iOS music production software (DAWs), then you know that most of them don’t fully rely on their own audio engines and utilise built-in Apple’s system resources for audio processing and vast majority of sound-related tasks, and this is not always the best way to go for sure. From all the software I happen to own for this platform - from GarageBand to AUM, nTrack, NanoStudio etc, etc - there’s only one that I know that developed their own audio processing engine from the scratch - and it’s Korg’s Gadget. Which makes sense - since they are huge as a brand and a company and do have resources to support this kind of ambitions and what’s nonetheless important - to maintain and support its existence in the long run. And the fact that the only software besides Korg’s that I witnessed having the same feature - and really not that much behind in terms of overall stability and build quality - is something that is created by the team of 2 (TWO!!!) men that are behind Wotja developement - honestly, this just blows my mind very faaaaar away. Guys, u f@(l<in’ rock, like - for real. There’s really much more worth mentioning but YOU🫵🏽, reading this review - better just get this lit piece of software installed at this point and find out for yourself loool. No, seriously."


"Been a bit since I went deep into Wotja, so many amazing new features and easier ways to do it. So many improvements in the interface. I have so many hardware boxes, like octatrack, pyramid, ndlr… when it comes to create generative music which is not just random stuff, nothing comes even close to Wotja. You can be musical with it, and shape the flow of the river… Still the Rolls in that field."

"Highly Recommended"

"This is a brilliant and very deep app for all creators and lovers of ambient music. Now works as a VST and supports hosting of VST3s! Superb value, with highly dedicated ongoing support."


"I don't usually leave reviews, but Wotja is worthy of attention and support - the workflow is idiosyncratic ... , but the core app is mature, unique and capable of inspiring results at a bargain price; anyone with an interest in ambient/generative music production should at least give the Lite version a go..."

"Awesome App with Relaxing Ambient Music"

"Absolutely love it! So calming."

"Fantastic! Inspirational for artists and relaxing even for beginners"

"I consider myself a beginner when it comes to music composition, but this makes you feel like a maestro in a couple of clicks. This is a deep application that is hard to master, based on my own brief experience and from other users. But, I felt in total control of the music and felt like I was creating some real ambient music to relax to and be inspired by when creating my own music. A great app!"

"Where has this been since ambient scoring?"

"Perfect for the scoring of any whole art, or as good brainwave entrainment drone tones"

"Great fun to play with"

"Lots of options. Somewhat steep learning curve but well worth the investment."

"Excellent for Generative Music"

"I had some experience with earlier versions of this app, and familiar with Brian Eno's use of earlier versions to create generative music. For anyone into this kind of music creation, I think this is a must-have app, it's very good value for what it offers. Great for composers, and also very well worth having even if you just want to have it to run existing creations to listen to (the free app only gives you a few minutes before ending - this one will run as long as you want). Thanks to the developers for their hard work - much appreciated!"


"If you are at all into ambient music and Brian Eno then this is an essential app. It can keep you occupied for years. Intelligent before artificial was added."

"5 Star Generative Music Program"

"A unique program with a brilliant pedigree stretching back many years. I have used many of the products over the years and this incarnation brings new and extensive methods to the Generative Music process. The free "lite" version is useful to learn the basics. The creators respond quickly to queries. Looking forward to using the full version in both its native and VST3 format."

" How unique, how wonderful "

"This app is very satisfying to me. Knowing that music is being generated live for my ears accompanied by beautiful graphics and intriguing oblique messages is very enjoyable."

" wonderful app for generative music "

"i love this app, it’s very special but the best and perhaps the only software for creating this kind of music!"

"The mother of all generative platforms now as VST3 too!"

"This has always been a great tool for generative tinkering but the current version really knocks it out of the ball park. Highly recommended! (If you're reading this, you probably know how you got here...)"

"Woaaaaaa!!!! Yeah, now you can use your own synth :-)"

"Just too cool, no need to use aum, all in one app… and the euclidean generator is awsome… They just took it up to another level… Thx so much for this amazing app"

"Great app"

"Great app simple and really complex both at the same time. On first sight really ease to use and it generates great results with a simple click. But it is also really advanced if you take the time to dive deeper. There are so many parameters and possibilities that it is quite overwhelming in the beginning. But after a while you discover everything and it get's easier to work with."

"Fun to Play. The Depths Require Work"

" I've been using this app almost daily for the last three months gradually chipping away at it's capabilities, which seem endless. This is whether working with the included feature and sound set, adding soundfonts or hosting it in AUM to trigger other apps. The range of music and atmospheres that I've been able to produce is really impressive and with Wotja 22 the recent inclusion of things like Euclidean sequences and the hosting of AUv3 plugins brings even more opportunities. You can get satisfying results almost instantly but there is a lifetime's pursuit for anyone that wants it. Developers have also been friendly and responsive when contacted."

"Seriously impressive tool for generative music"

"I love Wotja, it's extremely deep and has a lot of applications - from using it as a simple sound generator to play ambient textures to using it as an composition tool together with your DAW and existing plugins to generate complex and ever evolving patterns and melodies with unlimited control. You can easily create full scores using only this tool. The new version supports VST3 in the stand alone version or you can load it as a VST3 in your DAW, which makes it all the more flexible and powerful. And all that for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!!"

"Great App"

"I have loved this program from its beginnings as KOAN Pro."

"I Like Wotja!"

"I use it on my macbook and ipad, it’s a lot of fun. Wotja gets remarkably better every update… and for software with like 30 years of history that’s crazy. Anyway if you’re into making or hearing generative music, or just want to make music in a unique way, I recommend Wotja."

"Wotja Helps "

"Even listening to it in your car. Elicits such a gentle chaos in your life. Having it with you to. Create a finely tuned sound sculpture. I use it everyday. It is a true piece of sculpture for which you can minimize or maximize each through exploration and experimentation. Elicits a Noshic Montality above the heavens."

"definitely recommend it"

"a wonderful app , wonderful developers who listen to feedback of user and are really cooperative; keep it up!"

"Very inspiring!!"

"I've already enjoyed Wotja 2018 etc. on my iPad and am now enjoying Wotja 22 Pro on my Mac. Moreover this App also became a AUv3 which opens in my Logic Pro DAW; so this is fantastic! It's an inspiring App, also when I'm looking for a trigger to start a new composition. And, in contrast sometimes with other Apps and developers, the developers of Wotja are very helpful, give fast support and/or look for solutions when a customer has met a technical problem (which only happened once with an older version). The App itself is very users friendly though. Really a 5 star worth!"

"Amazing app and platform!"

"I have been using this app for a multitude of things since 2009 when it was Noatikl. It's amazing. Super easy to use, great for generative ideas either via MIDI or in-app. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to get started, but also very deep. It always seems like there are new corners to explore, and with scripting you can make your own corners! Can't recommend enough!"

"The one and only Wotja"

"The best ,unmatched in generative goodness"


"SO WOW! Indeed…."

"Intriguingly deep"

"I’m determined to get well into this one this year, as I’ve used various incarnations of it over the three decades of its development and is now just so accessible on each device I work with… I’ve already had it generating sequences of chopped samples using neon audio editor, and I’m looking forward to what more comes of that direction…"


"I have been using this App for a few years now. Year on year there have been many innovations. This year is no exception. The Developers are very responsive. Good set of tutorials on the Website. This is really one of those Apps where the more you put in the more you will get out. It can be very subtle."

"Love it"

"Ok, so it isn't the easiest thing to learn, but for the money it is tremendously powerful"

"This little app can do a lot"

"This little app can do a lot. It has a euclidean sequancer, a software port of braids, wavetable synthises and complex FX chains to name but a few. Throw the dice or tweak every slider the choice is yours. Aimed at ambient generative music but honestly the potential is there for what ever you care to create."

"Great App"

"Really love this app. I use it for background music which helps reduce stress."

"The original and the best"

"There is no other generative music system like this one, with it’s very carefully thought out depth and breadth. It is the original and absolutely the best, and I recall Eno using it back in the mid 1990’s. Since then it has continued to evolve with each iteration. The original developers who first devised it, still own the company and are superb and very responsive indeed to queries. Don’t bother looking elsewhere for a generative music system. Buy this and support Tim and Pete and their unique and valuable life’s work."

"You Need this in Your Life"

"Besides the obvious calming effects having algorithmically generated music composed in real time for you, this app allows you to also author your own experiences. Need 10 minutes of reflection and calming meditative sounds? Turn on Wotja and press play and close your eyes. Done. I have been following this developers work since the release of Koan pro with Brian Eno. This was machine learning before its time. Looking forward to future integrations for visual and musical experiments."

"Stunningly beautiful work"

"The interface is powerful but friendly. The complexity and subtlety is inspiring. The sounds are simply magnificent. And you get a course in Music Theory if you just pay attention. (grin) Great work, folks. Great work indeed."

"Brilliant & Complex"

"As I said, it's complex & brilliant."

"I spend hours..."

"Tweaking this program to discover new musical ideas. The learning curve is worth the climb. Has really set my practice ablaze."

"Amazing software and support"

"This is an amazing software with literally infinite possibilities, it can very easily generate great ambient music but it can also be very complex and generate inspiration for any style. The creators are super passionate and are constantly updating the software with improvements. There’s isn’t anything else like this in the market, it’s surprising how most people don’t know about it."

"Have a synth studio? You NEED this."

"Stumbled upon Wotja Free Version when searching for "generative music" and "generative midi" on my iPad, which led me to their website, at which point I discovered there's a macos version. At the price I paid ($24.99 for the "you-own-it" version), it's less than many of the plugins we all have. As of this writing it works as a standalone app with both an impressive internal synth engine, AND the ability to send out MIDI over virtual midi prots (IAC bus or otherwise). I was so impressed with its ability to instantly about 'decent' randomized-but-pleasant to listen to musical notes (in both midi and its internal engine), that I bought the pro version in under an hour. It's a no brainer with anyone that dabbles in midi-based synth music. In my case, both hardware and VST/AU synths. I'm trying to wrap my head around the extensive capabilties of making your own logical generators, in order to steer it towards my own style and sound using various DAW and 3rd party plugins, such as Omnisphere, which is the perfect partner for the Drone setups. It integrates perfectly with Logic Pro X (10.6.3 at this writing)... Please note this plugin is an AUv3. What that means is, it will not show up as available to Ableton Live (as of this writing), to no fault of Wotja or Intermorphic, it's because Ableton Live does not recognize this new format (yet); I hope Ableton allows for AUv3 soon just because of Wotja's capabilities. Until then the standalone macos app transmits just fine and Live sees the virtual midi ports. I have already captured some great midi streams this way, into clips. The Wotja app also allows for external midi clock (from Live, for example), keeping it all in time. Like I said... if you're like me and have a midi studio of any size, you need this app, and the price is right."

"An amazing accomplishment."

"I have Wotja Pro 21 on Windows, ipad and iMac. iPad version is included when you buy the Mac version. This software can be used at any level you like, from just playing the pesets to digging deep into the internal synth engine and the hundreds of other parameters. If you like Ambient music or are a fan of Brian Eno's instrumenta works then I think you will like Wotja very much. At pesent I have Wotja via interal midi into Logic Pro, playing Labs Soft Piano. The results are incredible! On one level it works in a meditative and mindfulness music tool. I fall asleep listening to a ramdom preset and find it improves focus when working at my computer. Wotja is my favourite music creation software by a good margin. There is also a free demo version. Sincere thanks to Intermorphic."

"Speechless! Software I've wanted since the 80's!"

"Introduced to Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and many other wonderful ambient artists, I've wanted to create a wide range of music types under that 'overall genre' name. I recently remembered I had Native Instruments' Reaktor on this old Mac and that finally, started me down this path for 'backgrounds' that I could then improvise over with my modular synth, Wotja though? I just purchased it last night, for all Apples. The amount of everything that I would like to have in a self-generative software package? Finally! Thank you greatly for your decades of work, Intermorphic Ltd! I have finally found a package, answering my needs!"

"A real sonic gem"

"An enjoyable and fun app to use importantly it sounds absolutely amazing offering tweakability and further sophisticated fuctions if needed I can’t wait to pair this with other musical instruments. The customer service has been excellent too."

"One of the most interesting apps I’ve used"

"This has to be one of the most interesting music apps I’ve ever tried. The concept of generative music has been around for a while but this is the first app that’s made it possible to create an entire album, with a level of flexibility and power that supports making something that can be commercially released. The one thing I’d really like to see is more video tutorials showing how to use the app more effectively. While the documentation is extensive, it’s easy to miss features or functions that can improve your tracks and mixes. Overall an excellent app, well worth investing in the pro version. To the dev team; kudos!!!"

"Wotja is THE WAY!!"

"Incredible software for generating ambient music, drones, relaxing soundscapes, meditative masterpieces etc etc etc!! Wotja workflow is a bit confusing at first, but after a solid read of the well crafted documentation and a weekend of familiarizing myself with the program, I’m good to go! The fact that it is now AU is HUGE! I send midi in AUM to all my other synths and create sonic sanctuaries in no time! I will make a new song just for my evening yoga and then just delete it! Feels great! Highly highly recommend. The developers are on top of it with updates, and it’s well worth the price!"

"For almost anyone!"

"So deep and broad in both concept and practical use! For those that only want to listen to music, you have almost unlimited generative music listening bliss with just the tweaking of some randomization settings! For musicians of any ability you can find plenty to keep you creating. Either keep it easy, and use the basic settings, or go all the way down the rabbit hole to challenge yourself for the rest of your career with just this app."

"This is an incredibly fun sound tool/toy!"

"I know the makers of this have been around for years (thank you gentlemen!) and it shows in the maturity and ease of use of the interface. Grab a few patches, slide some sliders, and listen 4ever. Can't wait to hook my hardware up to it."


"The wotja program spawns what melodic music it can generate automatically! And at the same time, there are a lot of settings and functionality to customize the composition and its random rendering as you want. I didn’t think that this kind of program existed at all. I definitely recommend it! and the support service is responsive and responsive. positive goes off scale :)"

"Even more amazing! "

"I originally had this app years ago with a different premium subscription and the new version is absolutely EPIC! If you’ve wondering if the price is worth it compared to other apps, this is NOT like other apps. There’s a moderate learning curve that lets your get started right away and then evolves as you try new things."

"Highly Recommended"

"This is fantastic! A deep rabbithole of possibilities, with dedicated and responsive developers. Essential for producers and listeners of ambient music."

"If you're interested in generative music, this is well worth the money. The internal synthesizers are good, so you're able to generate music even if you don't own a lot of VSTs with appropriate soundbanks, but Wotja can also be used as a MIDI input into a DAW if you do own good VST software. There is a learning curve, but the software is amazing and you will spend hours experimenting with this."

"Koan Lives"

"The first computer program I ever bought was Sseyo Koan because I adored ENO and what the genius Cole Brothers had invented. Now some 25 years later Intermorphic delivers yet another esoteric magic music tool. So glad I found the dark theme and I’ve spent hours and hours in generative music bliss of Wotja since I bought the app."

Best yet!

"I've been there since the Koan days and I've only been using Wotja 21 for about 30 minutes but this is the best yet! I still find the manuals etc a little impenetrable but that might just be me. Anyway, just hit random and you're guaranteed some great results if you're into ambient music. Well done and thanks!"

"Must Have Generative Music App"

"It's had a lot of updates and is still one of the deepest generative apps available. It's been developed over a long period from a number of earlier products and this has clearly helped it build on the knowledge gleaned from those products."

"Wotja makes generative music fun!"

"Wotja is an (almost) superb tool to create generative music *or* just to use it as an endless music player for that matter just a couple of mouse clicks away. The developers (two brothers) are very responsive to questions and suggestions (some of my suggestions really have been picked up by the team and implemented in the next version!). Very good!"

"I never got the urge to review an app so much before."

"After using the free version with the online documentation there was no hesitation to purchase. This app is so deep, flexible and the best documentation I've ever seen. I believe it is under priced for how flexible it is so I got the Android version as well for on the go. Going to be using this is my college degree research on generative music. Thanks Guys:D"

"This is such a great toy!"

"Amazing sounds…, dozens of them. Super variety of flows. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect meditation music, sleepy time tunage, or join the New Age, Wotja will get you where you’re going. Not to mention the sheer fun of just playing with app."

"Wonderful Generative Composing Tool"

"I've been using Intermorphic's Wotja Pro 21 for a few weeks now. Wotja has to be the ultimate tool for creating and composing Brian Eno style ambiences/landscapes I have ever found. It's also excellent for chillout and beats, in fact, I think it could be helpful with making any genre of music. Worth the small price just to play the ever evolving example files. This is truly a masterpiece in generative computer music software which can be used on it's own or output audio/midi into a DAW. Please note, I have absolutely no connection with Intermorphic. Sincere thanks guys."

"Great generative app"

"I love this years additions to Wotja. Overall it’s a very solid app. It plays nicely with everything (midi and synth) on my iPhone and iPad that I have tried so far... I use Wotja usually daily."

"my favorite ambient toy"

"useful, inspiring, and innovative. a classic"

"Way more than just a 'generative music app'"

"Wotja often presents itself as a plug and go generative music app but that does it a great injustice. Much is made of the serendipitous text to music (which it has), it also has a built-in modular synth if you wish to use it but for me its richest feature is as a composer’s tool. If you put in the time to learn it, it can help you quickly compose either note by note or by key or by providing general instructions to its own rule engine. For example, I’ll use a voice to provide a bass line, make a follower voice to create chords from the base line, create another voice to Arpeggiate over the chords played and so on. Using Wotja’s grid, you can go left to right with a few key change variations, borrowed chords or whatever strikes your fancy. Now with the AU3 support, you can control multiple synths easily with MIDI in AUM or some other host. Wotja is far and away my favorite way to kickstart a combo or jazz piece that I later layer on EWI or played parts. With AUM I an mix and match Wotja with drum engines and other tools. Wotja is developed by a very small responsive team and always brings new inspiration with each release."

"The leader in generative explorations."

"These guys have been on the forefront of generative composition since the SSEYO days and have never looked back. Every subsequent version has armed composers with more and more options. The latest update includes an AU plug-in ensuring better integration with the DAW environment. It's the best reason to upgrade to Catalina if you have not already done so. In terms of support, Tim and Pete are to be commended for their quick response to any issues or questions you may have. Check it out and make sure you have the time because the musical voyages will be endless!"

"Been a fan for years... "

"I've used the Sseyo generative music apps for years and it feels like they've all been building up to this. In its latest incarnation, Wotja has really come of age - yes, it can be very deep and a bit tricky to get your head round if you want to control every element, but just let it go its own way and you'll be creating some very interesting, often beautiful music in no time at all. Highly recommended..."

"Powerful generative music app"

"Brilliant software, which can generate complete unique compositions from scratch. Basic functions are enough easy and intuitive to use, and there’re a lot of deep capabilities for serious work. I used this software within many years (from Noatikl V2) and it’s one of my favorite (in the class of midi chords and melodies generators). Technical support is also great."

"Gotcha Wotja"

"I have used Wotcha now for a number of years. It grows from strength to strength. If you like to generate musical ideas this is the app for you. It has quite a steep learning curve but don’t let this put you off as you will be rewarded for your efforts."

Google Play Store

"Class! How can an app be this deep. Its like it should need a high powered computer but it works flawlesssly! Thanks guys :D"

Amazon Appstore

"If you are interested in generative music, this is the best software to learn."

"A whole new thing"

"This is a new generative thing--endless and yet intimate. Amazing for working on screens-- the flow setting is just the right amount of auditory stimulation. Use good speakers and get immersed."

"Explorative ambience "

"... it can also even with no effort generate tremendously beautiful tracks that will leave you absolutely stunned. The inclusion of MIDI out now makes the app a real aid to swiftly make interesting non melodic content. A joy to use and explore"

"Best app for generative music, nothing compares."

"Wotja is unequalled for generative music software. The way the tracks interacts in a way which makes musical sense isn’t found anywhere else. They are the expert in the field, learning from their past, from Koan, Mixtikl, Noatikl... To really get the most out, you have to spend the time learning it, neverless just putting a random “jam” on can sometime sound better than anything else."

"Best Thing Since Eno Picked Up A Casio"

"Sliced bread everywhere, can't talk too busy, things to do."

"Simply the best ambient app ever made!"

"It looks complicated, there is a little learning curve and it does take a little time to learn. Once you know your way around it is very easy to create ambient masterpieces, from single tracks to entire albums. This app produces endless amounts of totally unique ambient music. Amazing!"

"Essential music app"

"This app is vital to my workflow and music creation. Whether I am using it’s generative midi capabilities or micro editing the onboard synths, Wotja has made making music with iOS so enjoyable and productive. I don’t know how I ever made music without it!"

"Koan Lives"

"The first computer program I ever bought was SSEYO Koan because I adored ENO and what the genius Cole Brothers had invented. Now some 25 years later Intermorphic delivers yet another esoteric magic music tool. So glad I found the dark theme and I’ve spent hours and hours in generative music bliss of Wotja since I bought the app"

"Once again a great artistic application"

"I had already purchased the version for the Mac and now I have purchased the version for my new iPhone, the audio rendering is superb and the compatibility with the tracks created with my mac is complete. The developer is a very kind person and always ready for requests for help or clarification, which should not be underestimated in the boundless panorama of applications that sometimes are not even updated. 10 and praise for this software!"

"Fascinating App..."

"Endless possibilities and terrific support!"

"Ambient Music Maker"

"Great experimental software"

"Combination of power and useability"

"It's an incredibly satisfying piece of software to use. I enjoy the pieces I create, and expect to get better at it as I gain familiarity with what the package can do for me. An(d) the price is way cheap, for the use I'm getting out of it."

"Hugely Powerful"

"This is an astonishingly powerful bit of kit... The range of options and control you have over your sounds is immense... Make no mistake; this app is wonderful."

"Brilliant musical playground for creating, inventing and relaxing"

"One of my best app purchases this last 12 months and I’ve bought quite a few."

"A drone and ambient enthusiast loveletter"

"I just love letting it run endlessly savoring the ambient and different arrangements, experiment with it and I feel I even didn't scratched the surface."

"A gem"

"Love this app for relaxing."

"Great quality generative music, I had SSEYO Koan Pro back in the day, this is so much easier!"

"Power to make it your own. "

"We all want to make it our own. This is it. Not that it is easy but it is worth it. Why build on others work and be told later you don't own this. There is great potential in this software"

"Must have for generative music"

"Very deep app for generative music - the best I think. Very good support from it’s developers. Strongly recommended."

"Try it ... your mind will expand!"

"The devs are very responsive and very nice. There is nothing like this out there... and believe me I’ve looked. "

"Refreshing!!!! "

"First of all, the developer(s) are amazingly responsive, helpful, patient, kind, and enthusiastic. Communication is a pleasure. It's an otherworldly environment that helps inspired creativity."

"Wotja is excellent!"

"Best generative music product I own!"

"Very good software"

"I bought this software to create ambient background music for relaxation and meditation. This software is just perfect for my needs and easy to use. Also the export features are great. Thank you guys for this amazing music creation tool."

"Helps you approach creative creation with different work flows "

"This app is fantastic you can quickly begin to generate something inspirational and add hone to find something by exploring. The depths of the app are there to discover and explore at your own speed and need but is not a bar to making and creating with little or no musical or synthesis knowledge. The multiple creative workflows mean that you have many ways to generate projects and don’t fall into one groove. Wonderful and inspiring the app is a piece of art unto itself."

"Instant gratification, infinite possibilities, endless wonders "

"The king of generative apps ... and capable of pretty much anything from classic Enoesque plinking to cavernous Steve Roach dronescapes. Complete non-musicians can produce works of compelling brilliance by just following their ear and taste, while seasoned musoes can turn a vague intuition in their head into endlessly unfolding sonic magic."


"Wotja can be as simple as a visual and auditory experience that mixes written words and generative music... Wotja can also be a very deep modular environment where you can edit every aspect of your music and sound parameters... I don't think I'll ever get to explore all of Wotja's features, but I do learn new things every day with the help of Intermorphic. Anytime I hit a wall, it gets knocked down pretty quick with explanations for those little things that aren’t readily apparent to me."

"Wonderful app"

"I have been purchasing Wotjas with every update for years. It’s the only app I have done that with, ever. I love how I can choose to go as deep as I want into crafting soundscapes while at the same time have the option to just "one click" load beautiful pre-made yet randomized songs."

"mad value for an unlimited creative powerhouse"

"A stunning start-of-year launch price for the single-purchase version of this titan of an app."


"An excellent music-making tool of almost unlimited depth, with strong and sympathetic support."

"Serves Well"

"Great piece of work!!! Thank You."


"As an accomplished musician in my own right, investigating alternative means of generating sound is a longstanding interest of mine. Even after a thirty year career in the arts, this app has completely changed my perception of the concept of music itself! I implore all students of music to explore this software in its entirety- this past week has had me rediscover my love for creation."

"The Most Advanced Generative Music and Sequencing Solution, Period"

" ... Wotja benefits from the long pedigree of related generative music apps, as it comes bundled with plenty of their content. There are lots of little apps that will bring some measure of generative/aleatoric aspects to your music, but none can offer the depth that Wotja delivers. I’ve used it to sequence hardware and iOS synths without issue."

"Great app, complex, deep and unique"

"I'm an engineer, I like tinkering, I like creating stuff, I like music sound and synthesis, I like puzzles ... I love Wotja. Such a cool app, very flexible and deep. It really can be quite addictive, challenging, complex and fun. Ticks all the above."

"Simply the best"

"Probably the best generative music app on iOS. I’d wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with an interest in music making."

"Superb package for ambient music creation"

"Wotja a complete package for the creation of ambient, generative music. Offering complete and comprehensive control of all parameters, it makes possible gorgeous, ambient music. As someone who has been creating this kind of music for a while, Wotja enables me to achieve my vision in ways no other software can. The monthly subscription model is a total steal; if you need support, it’s fast, technically sophisticated, and patient. The latter is important as I think I have asked every dumb question I can about the software. The support people are unfailingly friendly and very helpful. If you have the ambient gene, this package is for you."

"Exceptional Dimensionality"

"I have been in love with Intermorphic products since the days of KOAN Pro. Wotja 19 adds a whole new dimension to creativity and playback for professional musicians and rank amateurs like myself. This program is awesome!"

"An excellent app!"

"I've used Intermorphics products since Liptikl and Noatikl 2. They've been an indespesible part of my creative flow for a long time. I held off from switching from my trusted Noatikl 3 app for a while, but finally made the switch to Wotja Pro 19 and I couldn't be happier! I've been moving all my old Noatikl files over and am re-programming my scripts for Lua to Javascript. I'm really happy with the improvements since Noatikl!"

"perfect for what it aims for!"

"... this is a dream. I am freaking out at how scary or lovely you can get."

"Amazingly powerful!"

"Sounds great on its own. MIDI & audio export. Top notch support by developers. Hours / days / years of fun!"

"Worth spending the time learning it"

"It’s deep... takes some real effort to go deep, but then you realize the real power of it, from patterns, scripts and all... you can produce some happening stuff with it :-)"

"Love this app!"

"I have been a Wotja user for several years and it’s always a pleasure to to re-purchase whenever they create a major upgrade. There’s SO much in this app. You can really geek out on the smallest of setting and yet it’s also pretty easy for new and not-so-musically-skilled person to get going with."

"The Best"

"I'm really fond of this app. I use it in both simple and advanced ways. The sound quality is excellent. The sounds have a beautiful crystalline, digital quality that is clean, refined, and unique, better what most music apps can do. The obvious strength is endless ambient listening, but there are deep parameters and with a touch of creativity and inspiration one can use the platform as a jumping-off point for fascinating generative composition, especially if you have a mind to export midi into DAW projects. Thanks very much to the developers. A magical app! I hope they keep refining and updating it as they have now for such a long time. Unfortunately this app is one of a kind, and I say unfortunately because when it comes to generative platforms it's one - and probably the best - of only a few options that I’m aware of."

"Wotja think of it now?"

"AirPods and Wotja Flow. Heaven."

"Amazing Stuff!"

"I love the textures I’m getting already. If you’re thinking of purchasing, it’s well worth the price!"

"Fantastic support"

"Wotja is a fantastic generative sound canvas that you can control - or just listen to. It can be as easy as loading one of many included mix albums, to the generation of random mixes, to manual mix editing to actually getting dirty under the hood with the voice editing and the instrument design. It goes pretty deep!"

"Works well"

"This company is fantastic at what it does."

"A vehicle, a journey, a playground"

"All the toys, and far more than the sum of its parts. (Autocorrect had it as "more than the sum of its arts", which is actually more accurate)"

"Generative Music Masterpiece"

"These guys are Ambient legends and now we can all work with their tools. Create your own ambient tracks or use Wotja to create some initial ideas to build upon. I use this to quickly bang out some background music, but mostly it is the starting point for composing. I find having Wotja build a nice little background bed I can compose over; my tracks go places they never used to (in a good way). Wotja can be used as a stand-alone app or as just one element in your songwriting toolkit. I really love Wotja. A lot!! ... When you think of the fact that these guys helped develop ambient music generative technology from its infancy, then supporting them by buying the app only makes sense."

"Fantastic App!!!"

"Get the free version, try out everything for 3 days or just buy the current yearly version. You will not regret it!"

"great compositional tool"

"an indispensable instrument for widening your scope, when it comes to composition. Thank you for your work!"

"Surprisingly good results"

"This app is so much fun and the results are often beautiful and interesting. The cut-up technique lyric generator is worth the price. It's flexible enough so that you can steer the direction of the outcomes and continue to refine until you find something you like. I don't think there's another program like this."


"Loving this application! A great way to explore some amazing sounds and create new music. For all of it’s depth it’s incredibly easy to get started. Tech support is phenomenal. These guys really care about what they build! Highly recommended!"


"... a specialist app for making generative music ... the developer goes to great length to make it as accessible as possible to all (without losing the appeal for more experienced users). I really like it ... Recommended."

"Deep and professional app"

"If you loved Noatikl and Mixtikl then checking out Wotja is almost required. The guys at Intermorphic Ltd have wrapped up all the great stuff from the earlier apps and delivered them here in a beautiful package. I consider it my number one composing tool when I'm working in the Ambient genre."


"Intermorphic continues to produce brilliant apps. The possibilities of Wotja are vast and deep."

"Unique App"

"A unique app, which is getting lots of updates. Very deep, it requires considerable time to delve into it's complexities. It's well worth it though, in my view."

"Best generative music app"

"There is so many possibilities on this app. The creators are super nice people, theres only 2 of them but they do answer very quickly and are not greedy... It really scares me to think that the developers would stop supporting and growing such amazing tools, please don't! Much love"

"Completely changed my mind"

"I recently purchased the "pro" (non-subscription based) version of this. Like any musical instrument, it rewards more practice and play. And the fact that there are so many parameters to tweak, change (or not - you can use templates and leave them alone, but where's the fun in that?), modify, etc, only makes for more surprises and creative experimenting. You can just experiment, as with modular, old-school analog hardware, and see what happens. And quite often, there are very satisfying results. This is very powerful software. These guys are ***THE*** pioneers along with Eno in generative music. They clearly love it and deserve to make a decent living and be supported for their long-term and continuing work. Highly recommended."

"The perfect sleep machine."

"Intermorphic is awesome!! I was a little hesitant to purchase another subscription service, but it all really factors out to only about a dollar per month. Wotja is hands down the best generative software that I have ever used. Extremely musical. Keep up the good work."

"Still the best MIDI composition tool in my toolkit"

"Keep in mind that even though the app is associated with "generative music" and ambient sounds, it is possible to create music in any genre with this - its possible to direct every voice to play note by note OR just tell a voice to improvise OR tell a voice to follow and/or harmonize with other voices. ... nothing gives this much control to a composer on iOS and I've tried almost every sequencer, generator, MIDI tool available. It's very much worth learning, the developers are responsive and there is a great website for support."

"Light years ahead!"

"by far the most sophisticated and powerful generative music application available."

"Every kind of amazing"

"Intermorphic's apps have always been strong on interoperability, but here they've managed to combine what is effectively Noatikl 4, Mixtikl 8, and Tiklbox 2 into a single beautifully-designed all-in-one generative mega-app – putting an end to all the copy-and-paste faffing that used to be involved if you wanted (e.g.) to use Noatikl content in Wotja. ... this is the culmination of everything Intermorphic have done, and an all-in-one machine for the creation of wonders."

"having the time of my life"

"It was amazingly easy to connect to my PC DAW with rtpMIDI so I can use my own sounds but it's hardly necessary, the latest Sound Engine is excellent. I thought I'd just say...excellent job. Thanks."

"Professional grade!"

"Wotja ... is the most powerful and feature rich application for generative music creation."

24 What's New?

Wotja evolves every year and our goal is for every major version to have plenty of new features, capabilities, content and improvements ('New Features').

The major version number for 2024 is, you guessed it, 24, i.e. Wotja 24.

See what's new in Wotja 24.

WOTJA URIs | DEMO FILES | RECORDINGS: Check out some examples!

24 Feature Set (FS)

The Wotja Feature Set (FS) evolves with each new major version. Wotja 24 FS Lite mode Limitations are shown in red. Auto-timeouts shown by . Go Pro to unlock Pro mode (AKA Pro). Feature Set subject to change.

See also: Licensing of Recordings | What are 'Features', 'Feature Set' & 'New Features' ? | Lite vs Pro modeSee the full Feature Set.

24 FS: Wotja Auto-Timeouts Lite (FREE) Pro
App: Album file 15 mins None
App: Schema file (Flow Player) 5 mins None
App: Mix or Template file 2 mins None
Plug-in: ALL filetypes 2 mins None
TV Player: Schemas 5 mins None
IMPORTANT NOTICE for XX Pro One Time Buy (OTB) Customers
24 FS: NEW FEATURES in Wotja 24 Lite (FREE) Pro
Text-to-Music Generator 'Arp' options for 'Text-to-Arp' (TTA) [24.0] Yes Yes
Macro Oscillator 2 (WAE TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
Resonator (WAE TG Unit [Experimental]) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM Piano Damped' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM E-Piano' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM Strings' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
24 Arps and 24 Strings Templates [24.0] Yes Yes
Many new 24 Synth and FX Presets for use in the WAE [24.0] Yes Yes
Schema format extended to support Mix Root/Rules & Schema Scripts [24.0] Yes Yes
Various 24 Schemas [24.0] Yes Yes
Add or Export User Schema to Album [24.0] No Yes
Play an Album that includes a Schema [24.0] Yes Yes
Create New Template from a built-in Template [24.0] No Yes
24 FS: FREE IMPROVEMENTS in Wotja 24 Lite (FREE) Pro
Send MIDI CC Events on Channel Set for Generator MIDI Ch change [24.3] Yes Yes
Editor Panels + draggable Splitter Bars to improve ease of mix editing [24.2] Yes Yes
Mix UI Layout options (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile) for the Editor Panels [24.2] Yes Yes
Wotja Plug-in now supports multi-document use and URI Player [24.2] Yes Yes
Optional RHS placement of Mix Tab Bar for Landscape use [24.2] Yes Yes
Font Size Setting for the Script Editor [24.2] Yes Yes
Generator Network focus border on selected FX Button (Generator, Cell, Track, Mix) [24.2] Yes Yes
WAE Synth FX Editor Unit editing and new Undo button in each unit [24.2] Yes Yes
Quick Start Screen to help make it easier for new users [24.1] Yes Yes
URI Player for playing a Wotja URI (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android) [24.1] Yes Yes
Share screen for much easier exporting/sharing of a Wotja URI [24.1] Yes Yes
Any 'Import from Clipboard' option auto-opens in correct Doc Screen [24.1] Yes Yes
Wotja Script extended for use of Rules, Templates, WAE Presets & more [24.1] Yes Yes
24 Schemas updated, improved & extended [24.1] Yes Yes
Wotja Folder can be specified by user (Windows) [24.1] Yes Yes
Plug-in search path for VST folder scanning (Windows) [24.1] Yes Yes
Add File thumbnail buttons added to relevant Document Screens [24.1] Yes Yes
Main filetype formats have been modified for easier sharing [24.1] Yes Yes
API command support in Wotja URI for App/Game Devs [24.1] Yes Yes
Example Projects for App/Game Devs (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android) [24.1] Yes Yes
Standalone User Guides & PDFs for the WME, WAE & WSE [24.1] Yes Yes
Support for use of SF3 (Ogg) files (in WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
More WAE Reverb Presets [24.0] Yes Yes
Multiple File tabs in Mobile version [24.0] Yes Yes
Many, many other smaller improvements [24.0 - 24.3 ] Yes Yes
24 FS: Wotja App Lite (FREE) Pro
Multi-channel MIDI Out/In Ch 1 only 16 Channels
Mix Record to Audio/MIDI No Yes
Hosted Plug-in data saved to Mixes No Yes
Create Playlists No Yes
Edit Schemas No Yes
Edit Albums No Yes
Save Flow to Mix or Album file No Yes
Export Mix to/from Album No Yes
Export/Import/Merge Cells (Templates) No Yes
Export/Import Sequence Generator & some Text related data No Yes
Remove Wotja watermark (full/display screen) No Yes
Sleep Timer No Yes
Custom Mix FX Override No Yes
AUv3 [AKA AU3] Plug-in Hosting (macOS/iOS) Yes Yes
VST3 Plug-in Hosting (Windows) Yes Yes
Load SF2/DLS/ZIP (i.e. Pak) files from file system Yes Yes
iCloud for Wotja Folder (iOS/macOS only) Yes Yes
Inter-App Audio/Audiobus/Ableton Link (iOS App only) Yes Yes
Play Schemas Yes Yes
Create/Edit/Play/Save/Export/Import Mixes Yes Yes
Create/Play/Save/Export/Import Albums Yes Yes
Create/Edit/Save/Export/Import Synth & FX Networks Yes Yes
12 Track Mix Editing Yes Yes
Access to all Editors - Mix, Text, Display, Plug-gins & Engines (WME, WAE) Yes Yes
Wotja Script Editing (WSE) Yes Yes
Save Text Rules & Text to Mixes Yes Yes
Import Text/Rules Yes Yes
Many, many, many other features & capabilities... Yes Yes
24 FS: Wotja Plug-in Lite (FREE) Pro
Mix File/Session Saving No Yes
Mix Record to Audio/MIDI No No
Support for Plug-in hosting No No
In-App Store No No
24 FS: Wotja Player for TV Lite (FREE) Pro
Plays Built-in Schemas only Yes Yes
Plays other File Types No No
Support for Plug-in hosting No No
In-App Store No No
24 FS: Engines Lite (FREE) Pro
Wotja 24 WME (Music Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WAE (Audio Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WSE (Script Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WTE (Text Engine) Yes Yes
24 FS: Add-on Paks | See PAK EULA Lite (FREE) Pro
Pro Paks FREE and licensed for use in specified version(s) Not licensed Yes
24 FS: Licensing of Recordings Lite (FREE) Pro
Use of Recordings of Wotja Output made in Lite or Pro mode
See EULA exceptions & FAQ
Personal Commercial
(and Personal)
Live Use (LU) of Wotja in Lite or Pro mode
See EULA exceptions
Personal Commercial
(and Personal)
Safari App Extension (see Wotja URI Player instead)
Vortex Visualizer (reverts to Lattice Visualizer)

Arriving Jan 1st 2025

25 Feature Set (25 FS) [arriving Jan 1st 2025]
What is a Feature Set? | Lite vs Pro modes
All features subject to change | Licensing of Recordings
25 FS: Wotja 25 Lite (FREE) Pro
New Features (TBA) Yes Yes

24 Requirements

Wotja 24 for Macbook, MacBook Pro etc.

Wotja 24 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Wotja 24 for Apple TV

Wotja 24 for Apple Watch

Wotja 24 for Windows Device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet etc.)

  • OS: Windows 10+
  • CPU: 64-bit only Intel, ARM, M1/M2 [e.g. Parallels].
    • Wotja runs as a 64-bit application only
  • MIDI Out/In:
    • App: Windows MIDI services
    • VST3 Plug-in: Windows MIDI services
  • General: 250 MB hard disk space, 512MB RAM
  • Windows Accessibility

Wotja 24 for Android Device (Phone, Tablet etc.)

  • OS: Android 6.0+
  • CPU: 64-bit or 32-bit
  • MIDI Out/In:
    • Support for MIDI Out/In requires appropriate device support and hardware interface on Android. If you really do need MIDI Out/In then - before purchasing the paid-for version - first try to see if you can get it working on your device with the free version of Wotja.
  • Note: The Google Play version can also run on Intel or ARM Chromebooks that support the running of Android Apps.
  • Note: The Amazon versions require the Amazon Appstore to be installed and that you are logged into your account.
  • Android Accessibility

Wotja 24 for Amazon Fire TV

  • OS: Fire OS 6+
  • CPU: 64-bit or 32-bit
  • Fire TV Stick (Lite/4K etc., 3rd generation or later with 1.7+ GHz quad-core processor); Fire TV Cube; Fire TV (3rd generation or later)
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Android Accessibility

Wotja 24 for Android TV

24 App Bundles

Apple Devices Windows Devices

App Store: Apple App Store

Wotja 24 App Bundle (includes):

  • App with support for AUv3 Plug-in Hosting (iOS, macOS)
  • AUv3 Plug-in (iOS, macOS)
  • Player App (tvOS)
  • Play Control App (watchOS)

IAP via In-App Store:

App Store: Microsoft Store

Wotja 24 App Bundle (includes):

IAP via In-App Store:

Android Devices Android Devices

App Store: Google Play

Wotja 24 App Bundle (includes):

  • App
  • Player App (Android TV)

IAP via In-App Store:

App Store: Amazon Appstore

Wotja 24 App Bundle (includes):

  • App
  • Player App (Fire TV)

IAP via In-App Store:

24 Engines

At the core of Wotja are its engines. These are updated/extended (as necessary) for every major version of Wotja. That means that the current version of Wotja always has our very latest engines.

Wotja Music Engine

Wotja 24 Music Engine

Wotja Music Engine AKA "WME"

The Wotja Music Engine is a powerful, flexible and deep "adaptive" generative music engine. It utilises a range of generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques and parameters to create MIDI notes and MIDI controller events.

Wotja Audio Engine (WAE)

Wotja 24 Audio Engine

Wotja Audio Engine AKA "WAE"

The Wotja Audio Engine is a MIDI-driven sound engine that comprises a framework of sound synthesis and fx technologies with associated design interfaces. It goes beyond the traditional limitations of MIDI as it supports control of a number of essential synth & fx units including Reverb, Delay etc.

Wotja Text Engine (WTE)

Wotja 24 Text Engine

Wotja Text Engine AKA "WTE"

The Wotja Text Engine is our powerful cut-up text engine. It quickly generates a random cut-up from a word pool comprised of up to 5 user entered text fields as well as words blended in from an optional User Library and a user editable Wotja Word Bank.

Wotja Script Engine

Wotja 24 Script Engine

Wotja Script Engine AKA "WSE"

The Wotja Script Engine is our ECMA Scripting (AKA JavaScript) engine.

24 Screenshots


Wotja for Mac Screen 1

Screen 1

Wotja for Mac Screen 2

Screen 2

Wotja for Mac Screen 3

Screen 3

Wotja for Mac Screen 4

Screen 4

Wotja for Mac Screen 5

Screen 5

Wotja for Mac Screen 6

Screen 6

Wotja for Mac Screen 7

Screen 7

Wotja for Mac Screen 8

Screen 8

Wotja for Mac Screen 9

Screen 9

Wotja for Mac Screen 10

Screen 10

Wotja for Mac Screen 11

Screen 11


Wotja for iPad Screen 1

Screen 1

Wotja for iPad Screen 2

Screen 2

Wotja for iPad Screen 3

Screen 3

Wotja for iPad Screen 4

Screen 4

Wotja for iPad Screen 5

Screen 5

Wotja for iPad Screen 6

Screen 6

Wotja for iPad Screen 7

Screen 7

Wotja for iPad Screen 8

Screen 8

Wotja for iPad Screen 9

Screen 9

Wotja for iPad Screen 10

Screen 10


Wotja for iPhone Screen 1

Screen 1

Wotja for iPhone Screen 2

Screen 2

Wotja for iPhone Screen 3

Screen 3

Wotja for iPhone Screen 4

Screen 4

Wotja for iPhone Screen 5

Screen 5

Wotja for iPhone Screen 6

Screen 6

Wotja for iPhone Screen 7

Screen 7

Wotja for iPhone Screen 8

Screen 8

Wotja for iPhone Screen 9

Screen 9

Wotja for iPhone Screen 10

Screen 10

TV Player

Wotja for Apple TV 1

Screen 1

Wotja for Apple TV 2

Screen 2

Wotja for Apple TV 3

Screen 3

Wotja for Apple TV 4

Screen 4

Wotja for Apple TV 5

Screen 5

Wotja for Apple TV 6

Screen 6

Wotja for Apple TV 7

Screen 7

Wotja for Apple TV 8

Screen 8

Wotja for Apple TV 9

Screen 9

Wotja for Apple TV 10

Screen 10

Live Use ('LU')

IMPORTANT: Live Use ('LU') of Wotja is nothing to do with making "Recordings" of it. See: Commercial Use of Recordings.

EULA definition of Live Use ('LU'):

"Live Use ('LU') means using the Software to generate music for use as live music (as opposed to recorded music) and as detailed at"

Personal Live Use ('LU') [Lite or Pro mode]

Personal Live Use ('LU') - i.e. Personal Non-Commercial Use - is permitted in Lite or Pro modes

See also "Can I use Wotja for Live Use (LU)?"

Examples of Personal Live Use ('LU'):
  • Using Wotja to generate live background music in your home, studio, garden, greenhouse or home office etc. for your own private, non-commercial, use.

Commercial Live Use ('CLU') [Pro mode only]

ONE instance of Commercial Live Use ('CLU') is permitted in Pro mode.

See also "Can I use Wotja for Live Use (LU)?"

Examples of Commercial Live Use ('CLU'):
  • Use of Wotja to generate live background or foreground music for commercial purposes (see EULA and exceptions) e.g.
    • in a foyer, lift or hotel room etc.
    • in a store or any business premises etc.
    • for an art installation etc.

About Wotja

Version 24.3.1. Copyright © Intermorphic Ltd. 1990-2024.

Wotja Generative Music System

AUv3/VST3 Plug-in & Host

This product uses the Rubber Band Library audio timestretcher from Breakfast Quay.

Intermorphic, Wotja, Wotja Music/Audio/Text/Script Engine, Wotja Pak, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Partikl, Tiklbox and their corresponding logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. Other products mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are the sole property of their respective manufacturers. WOTJA is a registered trademark nos: EU 012329199, US 4702614. The Wotja 'W' logo black Device is a registered trademark nos: EU 017082496, US 5511542.