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Text to Music (TTM)

AKA: 'Text to Song', 'Text-to-Music', 'Text to Melody' or 'Words to Music'

"Text to Music" ("TTM") is a powerful generator technique used by the free or paid-for Wotja App & Wotja AUv3 / VST3 Plug-in software to quickly originate music, melody or beat ideas.

Wotja takes text/words and uses text-to-music techniques to generate a "melodic seed" that can used in a song, music or even for beat generation, e.g. for IDM.

As it originates from your text or words, the parameter-adjustable melody can be considered to be "imbued with meaning". It is that direct linkage that also makes Wotja Text-to-Music a key aspect of Reflective Music.

Yes, Wotja is a  true-blue "Text to Music" » Pioneer « 

Wotja has used "Text to Music" ever since its initial release in 2014 - at the very core of Wotja there has always been TTM.

Ever since then we have continued year-on-year to pioneer Wotja's support for TTM and to extend how can be used it. This has meant ever-deeper integration between the music engine (WME), sound engine (WAE) and text engine (WTE) at the core of Wotja.

Want to start exploring TTM?

Get the Free version of Wotja. Versions are available for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

Once you get a hang of the Wotja UI (see our Tutorials) it is actually quite easy!

There is in fact so much to explore that once you get started with Wotja you may well find you enjoy going "ah, now let's try this... and this... and, ooh this... fabulous".

See the Wotja User Reviews for a flavor of that 😁.

How to use "Text to Music" (TTM) in Wotja

How to use 'Text to Music' (TTM) in Wotja
Simple Steps

See the animation above. There is of course a lot more you can do, too, this is just about how to get going!

  1. Create a New Empty Mix i.e. Documents Screen > Mixes > Add File > Empty Mix.
  2. Open the mix, and if not already in Music Mode, tap on the Music Mode tab to get to it.
  3. Tap on the right side panel where it says "Tap here to browse Templates" and from the Templates list then select any of the templates in the "TTM 1 Players" or "TTM 1 Players 2" paks and tap "Load" to add it to the mix.
  4. Tap on the "Text to Music" Group in the right hand panel if you want see or edit any of the TTM parameters for this Generator.
    • The template you have added uses randomly generated "cut-up" text, the characters of which are then used by the TTM generator to generate a seed melody. This melody, depending on the settings of the various "Text to Music" parameters (see below), can repeat forever or to play a certain number of times and then mutate.
  5. Tap the Create button in the Text Mode if you want to generate another cut-up to be used for another melody.
    • Tip: If you want to add your own text, either do it in Text Mode > Text Edit screen. Or, tap the "Cut-up Rule" parameter then select Custom and tap the "TTM text" field where you can add your text.
  6. Add other things to the mix as you want! Experiment away!