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Wotja® Releases

Latest Major Version: 23 |

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Wotja 23 iconWotja 23
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23.1.0: Jan 20th 2023

Wotja 23.1.0 update (1st)

  • NEW: W23 'Pro' (Mobile) Unlock IAP option in the Wotja In-App Store for those wishing to use Wotja 23 on iOS/iPadOS ONLY.
  • FIXED (macOS/iOS): 'Listening' generators now work again in the AU3 Plug-in.
  • FIXED (Windows): 'Listening' generators now work again in the VST3 Plug-in.
  • FIXED (macOS): When the AU3 Plug-in window was open and a new document was created (e.g. Mix), it could look like the AU3 Plug-in has hung; it hadn't, but the alert asking for a document name was behind the AU3 Plug-in window.
  • FIXED: If an underlying Template used by a Cell had gone missing that Cell was blank, even if there was custom data in that Cell.
  • FIXED (macOS): Sped-up the macOS TTS speech rate (macOS 13+ required) to match that in iOS.
  • FIXED: Display of file sizes in Mix Record tab.
  • FIXED: Rare crash using RHS menu button in Documents list.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on App shutdown.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on AU3 Plug-in shutdown.
  • FIXED: Rare crash where Scale rule index could go out of range in the composition engine.
  • FIXED (iOS): Crash accessing clipboard data if user rejected the alert to access clipboard data.
  • FIXED: Some _very_ old content could have an invalid filter type in the FX network data, resulting in a Filter that had no effect; it is now treated as a standard Low Pass.
  • FIXED: Parsing of (very) old format Noatikl file data (V1 Noatikl XML format).
  • IMPROVED (macOS): We now use a standard macOS single-line text entry alert where possible.
  • IMPROVED: We no longer append the date/time to recording file names.
  • IMPROVED: Updated Wotja file icon in Documents screens.
  • IMPROVED: Updated User Guide.
  • OTHER: Various other minor fixes/improvements.

23.0.2: Jan 1st 2023

Wotja 23 - initial release

  • WAE Sample Player Unit: New modulatable & polyphonic Tone Generator (TG) unit that plays Ogg and (generative) Template file data (Templates are "cooked" in memory to audio before use); it has support for (MIDI & Controller) pitch shifting, direction reverse and several loop/play modes as well as an optional built-in envelope.
  • WAE Filter Unit: New improved Filter Type options, 2-pole and 4-pole.
  • WAE LFO Unit: New Euclidian LFO Type: Euclidian for modulation with euclidian patterns.
  • WAE R2XL FX Unit: 10 new 'go to' ABC Reverb Presets (also included as ABC Reverb FX Presets).
  • Mix files: Sample Player source data (loaded via the WAE Sample Player Unit) can be saved to the mix file for sharing of completely self contained and unique-sounding mixes.
  • Schemas (formerly called Randomization Presets): Now edited in the Schema Editor, accessed from Schemas screen > Schema Actions Button.
  • Documents Screen: Schemas screen where non-included Schemas have thumbnails generated from colours in the Schema.
  • Documents Screen: New Recordings Screen to make it easy to find/play your Wotja folder (saved) recordings.
  • Documents Screen: New List view and faster loading of mix files.
  • Add File: You can now edit the file name before saving a newly created file.
  • Music Mode: Much improved and simplified Cell layout with badges and thumbnails, Track Mute/Solo highlighting, and new options to display a specific column in the Grid button menu.
  • Music Mode: New "One Tap Trigger" Track Play Type for quick/easy playing of a cell and live performance.
  • Music Mode: Template browser now supports Cell referencing of Audio (WAV, Ogg) and MIDI files directly from the Wotja Folder (they no longer have to be in Paks [zip files]).
  • Recording: New auto and manual Ogg encoding (export a .WAV file to an .Ogg file for use in WAE Sample Player Unit).
  • Included SF2: New "UK Woodland Birds" with many awesome samples for use in the WAE Wavetable unit.
  • Included Templates: New "WJ23 Drones", "WJ23 Basses", "WJ23 Classic Polysynth", "WJ23 Environments" and "Sample Player Resources" Paks which include many awesome Templates and Ogg samples.
  • Schemas: Two new settings Environment Cells and Drone Cells settings to control how many Cells are populated with the related Templates.
  • Included Schemas: New "Environments 1" and "Drones 2" (subject to change).
  • Filetype extensions: Changed to be .wotja_tp (Template), .wotja_al (Album), .wotja_ls (Playlist),.wotja_sc (Schema), .wotja_sy (Synth Preset) and .wotja_fx (FX Preset).
  • Rationalised App Range: We've moved to just one Wotja 23 App (Bundle) per year per OS platform; for those that want it, a new 'Pro' Unlock option is the functional equivalent of getting a paid-for Pro variant in previous years.
  • "V23 Play me!" mix: Shows some of the new templates and capabilities in action.
  • More: Many other improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes.