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Wotja Releases

Latest Major Version: Wotja small 'W' icon24 |

All Wotja 23+ App updates are FREE!

2024:  approved for sale

Wotja Wotja small 'W' icon | FREE
macOS iOS tvOS Windows Android GP Android AZ

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours after being approved for sale for items to become publicly available.

24.3.1: Jul 14th 2024

  • FIXED (All) Potential crash when starting mix playing.
  • FIXED (All) Issue that might cause a crash on App shutdown.
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS) Crash that could happen when initializing a hosted Plug-in that used a very long parameter name.

24.3.0: Jul 10th 2024

  • IMPROVED Added Send MIDI CC Events on Channel Set setting for Generator MIDI Channel changes.
  • IMPROVED Splitter logic improved for portrait orientation + mobile layout when in "4 Columns" or "Column X" modes to give less height to the Cell Grid and more width to the bottom editor panel.
  • FIXED (All) Issue when adding mixes to an album and trying to play the changed album; the album didn't play properly until being saved and re-opened.
  • FIXED (All) Issue where hanging notes could occur using chording voices when a generator script changed MIDI channel.
  • FIXED (Plug-in VST3/AUv3) MIDI output buffers could become too long, leading to memory leaks / performance issues.
  • FIXED (Windows) Issue where use of the iCloud network folder wasn't always restored on plug-in restart.
  • FIXED (macOS) Occasional hang-up seen when closing Logic.
  • FIXED (macOS/Windows) Rare crash using File New etc. menu items.
  • FIXED (All) Crash that could occur when a script changed a WME property value that interacted with a slider.
  • FIXED (All) Issue where when settings option to show control/tab bar on right when in landscape was selected, the buttons on the control bar on the bottom (in portrait mode) could be smaller than desired.
  • CHANGED In Settings renamed "Send Controller Events" to "Send MIDI CC Events"; "Send Patch Change Events" to "Send MIDI Patch Change Events"; "Send Start/Stop Events" to "Send MIDI Start/Stop Events".
  • ++ Other minor bug fixes.

24.2.1: Jun 2nd 2024

  • IMPROVED On screen message "Double tap Generator for menu" above the Generators column.
  • FIXED (All) Minor Help button display issue in FX units.
  • CHANGED Google Play Billing Library support updated to V7 (was: V5).
  • ++ Other minor bug fixes.

24.2.0: May 21st 2024

24.1.1: Mar 27th 2024

Was 24.1.0 before a last minute bug fix! See the Press Release.

  • IMPROVED Quick Start Screen to help make it easier for new users
  • IMPROVED URI Player for playing a Wotja URI (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android)
  • IMPROVED Share screen for much easier exporting/sharing of a Wotja URI
  • IMPROVED Any 'Import from Clipboard' option auto-opens in the correct Doc Screen
  • IMPROVED Wotja Script extended for use of Rules, Templates, WAE Presets & more
  • IMPROVED 24 Schemas updated, improved & extended
  • IMPROVED 23 Pro OTB can Play (in Lite mode) an Album that includes a Schema
  • IMPROVED Wotja Folder can be specified by user (Windows)
  • IMPROVED Plug-in search path for VST folder scanning (Windows)
  • IMPROVED Add File thumbnail buttons added to relevant Document Screens
  • IMPROVED Main filetype formats have been modified for easier sharing
  • IMPROVED API command support in Wotja URI for App/Game Devs
  • IMPROVED Example Projects for App/Game Devs (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android)
  • IMPROVED Added Audio block setting where 1024 size is selectable (macOS/Windows)
  • IMPROVED Standalone User Guides & PDFs for the Wotja Music Engine, Audio Engine & Script Engine
  • IMPROVED Many improvements made to the User Guide
  • IMPROVED Pop-up alert if in Pattern Editor if a script changes the pattern
  • FIXED (iOS) Issue where the App might not display correctly when rotated
  • FIXED (All) 'Clear' button in Script Editor was not correctly clearing Scripts; name changed to 'Clear Log'
  • FIXED (All) Occasional crash when using Resonator Unit
  • ++ (All) 'Flows' screen renamed to 'Schemas' as it displays Schema files
  • ++ (All) Many other minor improvements & fixes (too many to mention!)
  • DISABLED (Android) Accessibility support disabled as it was too unstable
  • REMOVED (All) Vortex Visualizer (reverts to Lattice Visualiser)
  • REMOVED (iOS/macOS) Wotja Safari Web Extension (see Wotja URI Player instead)

24.0.2: Jan 8th 2024

  • FIXED (Windows/Android): Issue where a 23 Pro OTB purchase could be picked-up instead of 24 Pro OTB purchase.
  • FIXED (All): Issue that could potentially affect use if audio device running with less than 48000 Hz.
  • FIXED (Apple): Support for watchOS/media remote control.
  • FIXED (Android AZ): Issues that prevented 24.0.1 being approved.
  • FIXED (Android GP): Crashes related to Accessibility.
  • FIXED (Windows/Android): Issue when using the Resonator if sample rate > 48000 Hz.
  • FIXED (All) Other minor bugs.

24.0.1: Jan 1st 2024

  • HOT FIX (iOS/iPadOS/macOS) In 24.0.1 the 24 Pro OTB IAP is available to purchase (sorry!) – our thanks to those who reported this issue.
  • HOT FIX In 24.0.1 FX are again correctly applied to the old included Schemas (e.g. Only Piano/Pads etc) – our thanks to those who reported this issue.

24.0.0: Jan 1st 2024 (from 00:00 local time) |

NEW MAJOR VERSION - FREE UPDATE | Wotja 23 User Guide (Online) | Wotja 24 User Guide (PDF)

Wotja 24.0.0

23.14.0: Nov 20th 2023

W23 FINAL UPDATE | Wotja 23 User Guide (PDF)

Wotja 23.14.0

  • HEADS UP: This is expected to be the FINAL UPDATE for Wotja 23. Wotja 24 is expected to arrive Jan 1st 2024 and it will be a free App update for users of Wotja 23.
  • IMPORTANT (iOS/iPadOS): Wotja 24 for iOS/iPadOS will require iOS/iPadOS 15 or later (the primary reason being that we require support for StoreKit 2). iOS 15 supported devices go back as far as iPhone 6S. If you have a device that cannot run iOS/iPadOS 15+ and want to use Wotja 23 in Pro mode then, if you have not done so already, we recommend considering purchase of the 23 Pro One Time Buy IAP whilst it is still available and before it is removed from sale on Jan 1st 2024. Otherwise, you would need to Go Pro via a Pro Subscription (we expect this should still work for you, but cannot guarantee that) or Pro 30 Day Unlock.
  • IMPORTANT (macOS): Wotja 24 for macOS will require macOS 12 (Monterey) or later (the primary reason being that we require support for StoreKit 2, and we only discovered this after we did the release notes for 23.14.0). Monteray supported Macs include some Macs as old as 2013. If you have a Mac that cannot run macOS 12+ and want to use Wotja 23 in Pro mode then, if you have not done so already, we recommend considering purchase of the 23 Pro One Time Buy IAP whilst it is still available and before it is removed from sale on Jan 1st 2024. Otherwise, you would need to Go Pro via a Pro Subscription (we expect this should still work for you, but cannot guarantee that) or Pro 30 Day Unlock.
  • IMPORTANT (tvOS): Wotja 24 for tvOS will require tvOS 15 or later (the primary reason being that we require support for StoreKit 2). tvOS 15 supported devices go back as far Apple TV HD. See iOS/iPadOS above re Pro mode.
  • IMPORTANT (watchOS): Wotja 24 for watchOS will require watchOS 6 or later (the primary reason being that we require support for StoreKit 2). watchOS supported devices include Series 1 and 2. See iOS/iPadOS above re Pro mode.
  • FIXED: Various issues related to document badge display and timeouts.
  • CHANGED: FX Network Editor now includes a Store button.
  • CHANGED: Reverted order of Go Pro and Tip groups and revised Tip icons.
  • OTHER: Various minor bug fixes.

23.13.2: Nov 11th 2023

Wotja 23.13.2

  • FIXED: Issue reported where iOS/macOS IAPs might not restore correctly, resolved by updating the In-App Purchase engine to use the latest StoreKit APIs and by adding an additional Store Sync option (see Restore button); this change means users with iOS 14 or earlier *might* have issues when purchasing or renewing IAPs and so we recommend those users update their iOS versions to 15 or later where possible.
  • FIXED (macOS): Issue that could prevent the audio device from being selected properly.
  • FIXED (macOS): Issue with audio break-up when using AirPods Pro / Max as audio output device.
  • FIXED (Android TV): Removed unwanted top padding area.
  • CHANGED: Updated JUCE SDK to version 7.0.8 (was 7.0.7).

23.13.1: Nov 2nd 2023

Wotja 23.13.1

iOS/macOS only

  • FIXED: Workaround to issue that could cause Wotja to fail to load on some older versions of iOS/macOS.

23.13.0: Oct 28th 2023

Wotja 23.13.30 update (20th)

  • IMPROVED: Lite mode now lets you create auto-albums, the auto-timeout on Flows and Albums has been increased to 30 mins (enjoy 30 mins of relaxing ambient generative music for FREE - perfect for a chillout!) + some other minor changes.
  • IMPROVED: Album Player Play screen top panel now has semi-transparent colour.
  • IMPROVED: When importing a Rhythmic pattern with zero duration that zero duration note is ignored.
  • FIXED: Rare crash in the Plug-in.
  • FIXED (macOS): Rare crash displaying alerts.
  • CHANGED: Periodically toggle the Store button text and image to "Love it!" + Cup icon.
  • CHANGED: In-App Store screen Tip descriptions and icons and improved wording in places.
  • FIXED (Android TV): Some remote control key buttons had stopped working.
  • FIXED (Android): Operation of Back button now acts like Escape key on Desktop.
  • FIXED (Android): Issue where clicking on screen items was "off target" until the device had been double-rotated.
  • FIXED (Android): Wotja stopped if rotated on some Tablet devices.
  • FIXED (Android): Some rare crashes.

23.12.3: Oct 15th 2023

Wotja 23.12.3

Apple TV only

  • FIXED: Crash on start with tvOS 17.

23.12.0: Sep 16th 2023

Wotja 23.12.0

  • IMPROVED: FREE Lite mode is now even more capable! We've removed all Lite mode Mix file locks, 'Pro mode only' limitations from several features (e.g. Script Editing, some Import/Export options etc.) and limitations on creating Albums - enjoy (see the list)!
  • IMPROVED: Preview indicator in Template browser and Recording now has a clearer highlight color.
  • CHANGED: Wotja App icon no longer references version number as all updates are free!
  • CHANGED: Processing overhead indicator changed from "DSP:" to "CPU:".
  • CHANGED: Updated JUCE SDK to 7.0.7 (from 7.0.1).
  • CHANGED (Windows): Updated VST3 SDK to 3.7.8 (from 3.7.2).
  • CHANGED (iOS/macOS): Updated AppCenter SDK to 5.0.3 (was: 5.0.2).
  • FIXED: Crash which could occur if closing-down app quickly.
  • FIXED: Various rare crashes.
  • EXPERIMENTAL (iOS AUv3): Audio Output setting "Audio Processing: Process in Background", normally turned on; if you are getting audio clicking in Logic Pro when using the AUv3 then try clearing the checkbox to see if it resolves the issue (please let us know).

23.11.1: Aug 25th 2023

Wotja 23.11.1

  • FIXED: Crash in Documents screens that could happen when creating thumbnails for mixes that use a WAE Sample Player.

23.11.0: Aug 23rd 2023

Wotja 23.11.0

  • IMPROVED: Audio device interfacing much improved to remove stuttering / glitching, even on slower devices, and to reduce audio latency.
  • IMPROVED: Settings > Audio MIDI+ > Audio Output > Audio Block Count now supported for all OS platforms allowing it to be changed/increased if needed; default values changed.
  • IMPROVED: Music Mode Tab when a mix is playing displays 'DSP: XX%' instead of 'Music'; this is to provide a useful indication of how hard the mix is working your device CPU.
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Album player when in full screen mode now covers entire screen, including any notch; order of Action menu items changed.
  • IMPROVED: Mix Music screen WME parameter table is now kept wide enough to use, whatever the screen orientation.
  • IMPROVED: Schema Export to Clipbpoard now reports the number of characters exported to clipboard.
  • FIXED: Mix '+' menu item 'Select Schema' had gone missing.
  • FIXED: Performance issue where sample data could be unnecessarily reloaded mid mix.
  • FIXED: Auto-album files were always called 'Untitled'.
  • FIXED: In a duplicated Schema the document name wasn't used when exporting to clipboard.
  • FIXED (iOS): An inbuilt Schema could not be duplicated.
  • FIXED: A number of rare crashes.
  • OTHER: Additional bug fixes and minor improvements.

23.10.1: Aug 2nd 2023

All OS - Windows/Android releases also include the relevant items from 23.10.0

Wotja 23.10.1

  • IMPROVED: Added "Demo Files..." menu item option to Documents > Actions menu and to Settings > General > Help & More section which takes you to this web page.
  • IMPROVED (Windows/Android): In-App Store now displays DSP % in the status bar to give an indication of how hard the playing Wotja file is working the CPU.
  • FIXED: Mix screen performance issue when in some cases using Sequence Generator patterns.
  • OTHER: Various other bug fixes.

23.10.0: July 31st 2023

Apple only

Wotja 23.10.0

  • IMPROVED: General DSP and UI performance improvements, including better performance in terms of less CPU spiking, faster App loading and faster file thumbnail/icon processing (esp. noticeable for albums).
  • IMPROVED: In-App Store now displays DSP % in the status bar to give an indication of how hard the playing Wotja file is working the CPU.
  • IMPROVED (iOS): The Wotja AUv3 can now work with 256 I/O Buffer size in Logic Pro.
  • IMPROVED: Mix FX Overide 'Custom' can now be used in Lite mode.
  • IMPROVED: Schema WJURL import from clipboard now includes the Schema file name (where available; not saved to old format schema files); see this example.
  • IMPROVED: Further simplification and clarification in some Wotja Store page text and several in-app messages.
  • FIXED: An incorrect pop-up message could be displayed shortly after Wotja started which reported that Wotja was not able to import from clipboard.
  • FIXED (Apple/Windows): Plug-in memory use and performance could start degrading when using DAW loop sections.
  • FIXED (iOS): AUv3 Plug-in panel could appear blank/white.
  • FIXED (iOS): Mix tempo was prevented from being set to less than 20 bpm.
  • FIXED (Apple/Windows): Display of OTB string in Plug-in Store Page top panel if it has been purchased in the App.
  • FIXED: Some rare crashes.
  • OTHER: Various bug fixes.

23.9.0: July 11th 2023

Wotja 23.9.0

  • IMPROVED: Wotja Documents UI operation is now much smoother while document icons are being generated.
  • IMPROVED: Further simplification of IAP naming and terminology to complement the IAP changes made in 23.8.0, principally that '30 Day Pro' is now renamed to '30 Day Unlock (30U)' and 'FS' is removed from the IAP names as we have better defined and make better use of the terms Mode (for Lite & Pro) and Feature Set; there are no changes to IAP functionality and no more name changes are expected!
  • FIXED: Browsing of content items in some older Paks.
  • FIXED (iOS): Rare iCloud-related crash.
  • FIXED: Rare crash seen in Playlist screen when handling menu to select visualiser.
  • FIXED: Use of dark Colour Scheme in the Plug-in.

23.8.0: July 1st 2023

Wotja 23.8.0

  • MAJOR IN-APP STORE CHANGE: To carry out a needed simplification/reorganisation of our In-App Purchase (IAP) options we have now removed from sale (and from the Wotja In-App Store) the 23 Pro Mobile OTB, 23 Play OTB, Pro Mobile SUB and Play SUB IAPs, added a new 30 Day Pro (30P) IAP and changed Tip Jar Tips (TJT) [Now: 'Love it!' Tips] to be just tips.
  • NEW: Menu item to import/add new Schema From Clipboard (Pro FS only).
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): File New > Schema references the currently selected Schema name and submenu re-added to cater for the above.
  • IMPROVED: For better understanding, Document screen icons now show a top left 'Timeout' badge on any file that will play with an auto-timeout (e.g. when you are in Lite mode).
  • IMPROVED: Album/Playlist now opens in Play List view (not Play Screen) which is better in most use cases.
  • IMPROVED: Store 'Rate > Review' button now presents an alert with various options.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Display of more meaningful alert messages for some rare error cases.

23.7.1: June 26th 2023

Wotja 23.7.1

  • FIXED: Issue where MIDI file recordings of Ambient Generators might have truncated notes.
  • FIXED: Issue where MIDI file recordings of might be shorter than expected.
  • FIXED (Windows): Issue seen initialising some audio devices.
  • FIXED (iOS): Sometimes alerts were not displayed at App start-up (e.g Choose Storage Option "Local only" or "iCloud").
  • CHANGED: Renamed (newly added) Settings "Support" group to "Reset".

23.7.0: June 22nd 2023

Wotja 23.7.0

  • NEW: Schemas are now saved to a new "Wotja URL" (text string) format which starts with "wotja://schema_" (loading of old format is still supported); this now makes this Wotja filetype easy to share via emails, web files and even to webplay via the Safari Extension (see Sharing).
  • NEW: Schema Editor > Actions Menu and item to export the Schema to Clipboard as a WJURL.
  • IMPROVED: Changed Mix Recorder to "cook" in a background thread, rather than in the main UI thread, this speeding-up the "cooking" process.
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Removed Menu > File > New sub-menu for Schemas, as there was only one item, and replaced with simple "Schema (Flow)"; Changed Documents > Flows > "+" > "Schema (based on...)" to "Schema (Flow) (based on...)".
  • IMPROVED: Script cells are better labeled displaying as "Mix Script" / "Cell Script" / "Generator Script" rather than simply "Script"; if Script is long, the Script cell now displays a truncated value that is easier to read.
  • IMPROVED: Removed restriction where Scripting engine prevented a Track being accessed from a Script if the Track > 0.
  • FIXED: Issue where some values were not correctly initialised for very old Schemas.
  • FIXED: Albums/Playlists could keep playing for a while on album/playlist close.
  • FIXED: Possible crash on App shutdown.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Text Entry and Cancel button behaviour.
  • FIXED (macOS): TTS recording issue where, when recording, the TTS items weren't passed through the Wotja mixing engine, but instead were played (generally at the wrong volume) and weren't captured to audio recordings.
  • FIXED (macOS/Windows): Crash on opening the built-in Calm/Relax albums.
  • FIXED (macOS/Windows): Rare crash seen on opening mix document via File Browser.

23.6.0: May 29th 2023

Wotja 23.6.0

  • IMPROVED (iOS): The Wotja AUv3 now works better in Logic Pro for iOS!
  • FIXED: Issue in AUv3/VST3 where documents might not be listed when closing/opening projects.
  • FIXED: Issue in AUv3/VST3 where host play/stop might stop working.
  • FIXED: Rare crashes in AUv3/VST3 at Plug-in start-up and on start/stop.
  • FIXED: Start/stop issue in AUv3/VST3 where stop in transport control didn't always update Wotja's play time status.
  • FIXED (macOS): AUv3 MIDI Output > Virtual MIDI checkbox no longer defaults to On, which would cause hanging notes.
  • IMPROVED: WAE Macro Oscillator 1 Unit now supports smooth modulation of pan/scale.
  • IMPROVED: WAE Particle Unit 'Velocity' slider renamed to 'Pitch Velocity' (and removed 'Frequency' slider).
  • FIXED: Very rare crash on opening an invalid document.
  • CHANGED: User Schemas no longer show a dice badge.
  • CHANGED: Removed version numbers from the tvOS app icons.

23.5.0/1: May 7th 2023

Wotja 23.5.0/1

  • 23.5.1 (GP variant only): Added support for 32-bit devices.
  • NEW: Template Editor for easy editing/saving/exporting of Template Files.
  • IMPROVED: WAE Sample Player now uses the Mix Tempo when 'cooking' Templates.
  • IMPROVED: WAE Sample Player when using a Template as Source Data now maps for any Text to Music Generator in the Template its Cut-Up Rule to the text in the Mix Text screen.
  • IMPROVED: Wotja version number and current date are now displayed in a Status bar which is just below the Title bar in the In-App Store screen.
  • IMPROVED: Ordering of buttons in macOS alerts to reflect current macOS UI approach.
  • IMPROVED: Allow Album WJURL import from clipboard even if there is some surrounding whitespace.
  • IMPROVED: Added support for Album WJURL import in Lite mode (not just Pro mode).
  • IMPROVED: Documents 'Schemas' screen segment renamed to 'Flows' for clarity.
  • CHANGED: Revised filetype extensions used for MIME-type based delivery of content (web file sharing) and added support for downloading of .SKT (Schema) web files.
  • FIXED: TV Player for Android re-instated.
  • FIXED: Bug in Schema where 'Text for Source #0' was not used correctly, e.g. in mix randomization or Flow.
  • FIXED: A Template on clipboard would import as a Mix and not a Template.
  • FIXED: Rare Android Accessibility crash.
  • FIXED: Several other bugs.

23.4.1: Mar 24th 2023

Wotja 23.4.1

  • FIXED: Crash when you selected the 'Try again' button in response to a 'Wotja Store Not Available' alert.
  • FIXED (Desktop): Crash if you selected an invalid file in the File > Open menu.
  • FIXED (Windows): Crash scanning some VST3 plug-ins.
  • FIXED (macOS): Crash scanning some AUv3 plug-ins.
  • CHANGED: Updated In-App User Guide.
  • OTHER: Minor bug fixes.

23.4.0: Mar 16th 2023

Wotja 23.4.0

  • NEW: Menu option (Android GP and AZ): 'Documents > Actions > Import to Documents/Wotja' to A) allow 'missing' Wotja files to be recovered via import from a temporary internal folder (to where you have previously copied them with e.g. the Android File Manager) allowing them to then display in Wotja Documents AND B) to make it easy to get Wotja files into your Android device (e.g. from Desktop).
  • FIXED (Windows): A 'One Time Buy' purchase wasn't always restored (sorry, and BIG thanks from us to the customers who brought this to our attention); all you should need to do is to get/install the update, load Wotja and then your OTB purchase will be back again.
  • CHANGED (Windows): The Wotja VST3 plugin is now called Wotja.vst3 so please delete the old Wotja23.vst3 and in your DAW projects where you use that, replace it with the new Wotja.vst3.
  • OTHER: Minor bug fixes.

23.3.2: Mar 13th 2023

Wotja 23.3.2

  • FIXED (Windows): Instability issues related to use of Wotja VST3 with Cubase 12.
  • FIXED (Android AZ): Some Wotja Files were not visible in Wotja Documents when using Android 12+; resolved with a new user selectable Files and media App permissions option (and which can be turned on/off by a user at any time) for Wotja to 'Allow management of all files'.
  • FIXED: Crash when adding a WAE Osc Unit in the WAE Editor UI.
  • FIXED (Windows): Rare crash when using File > Open dialog.
  • FIXED: Colour displayed for Compressor unit.
  • FIXED: Crash when launching a game item from Flow Player Action menu.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on app start-up.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on Plug-in start-up.
  • IMPROVED: location of Game close button and 'Score' text when in full screen mode.
  • CHANGED (Windows): The Wotja App Bundle is now x64 only (i.e. it no longer include an ARM64 variant) which lets it work with x64 VST3 like other x64 DAWs on ARM64 (i.e. via auto-translation); we may revisit this when there are more ARM64 VST3.

23.3.1: Mar 5th 2023

Wotja 23.3.1

  • IMPROVED: Document icon scanning performance on app start-up.
  • FIXED: In-App Store user interface responsiveness.

23.3.0: Mar 1st 2023

Wotja 23.3.0

  • IMPROVED: Wotja In-App Store terminology and layout have been modified/simplified to greatly improve clarity:
    • One Time Buy (OTB) now used instead of Permanent Unlock (PUN) and Tip Jar Tip (TJT) [Now: 'Love it!' Tip] now used instead of Tip Jar (TJ); *there is no change in functionality*.
    • Store text reworded and a 'Store Notes' panel (for general store information) added below the IAP items.
    • Top text panel now shows In-App Purchases that have been made and that are active.
    • Order of Rate/Review and Why Tip? buttons has been swapped; new icon for Rate/Review button.
    • TJT T4/5 IAP items removed to simplify the Store UI.
    • OTB 'Purchased!' and SUB 'Subscribed!' displayed in blue for extra clarity.
    • IAP badges updated.
  • FIXED (Android / Windows): OTB Pro All badge was incorrectly used for OTB Play All IAP.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Pop-up menus now show the title text in grey to make it clear it is not a menu item.
  • CHANGED: Settings screen no longer shows the build number in the title bar (use Settings Info button for that).
  • CHANGED: Built-in User Guide updated.

23.2.0: Feb 14th 2023

Wotja 23.2.0

  • NEW: 'Featuregrade' Business Model meaning that Wotja will now get rolling updates instead of (as planned at W23 launch) being removed from sale at the end of the year to be replaced with the next major version.
  • [Deprecated W23.8.0] NEW: Two 'Play' mode options in the In-App Store - '23 Play All (One Time Buy)' and 'Play All (Subscription)' - for those who just want to use Wotja as a player of relaxing ambient generative music.
  • [Behaviour changed in W23.8.0] NEW: Tip Jar Tip (TJT) T1 now unlocks 'Play' mode [now deprecated] and TJT T2-T3 continue to unlock Pro mode as before [now deprecated].
  • NEW: Document > Delete alert "Are you sure?".
  • NEW: 'Reset Settings' option at the bottom of Settings > General to allow all Wotja-related settings to be set to defaults.
  • IMPROVED: Simple and clear acronyms - One Time Buy (OTB), Subscription (SUB) and Tip Jar Tip (TJT) - used consistently in the in-app store and docs.
  • IMPROVED: Wotja icon again uses the blue/green gradient (showing version) and the app name no longer includes the version number.
  • IMPROVED: Increased to 10 minutes the Lite mode play time in Flow Player and Album Player.
  • IMPROVED: Removed file locks on all Schemas and Albums in Lite mode so that any can be played (but not edited).
  • IMPROVED: Schemas and Albums now allow Filter and Sort in Lite mode.
  • IMPROVED: Albums can now be imported from Clipboard in Lite mode.
  • FIXED: IAP settings were not being retained after restarting Wotja, important if it was being used off-line.
  • FIXED (tvOS): Restore of IAP purchases.
  • FIXED (tvOS): Use of Play/Pause button on the Apple TV remote control to stop/start Wotja playing.
  • FIXED (tvOS): If you select a Schema the Schema selector stays open to make it easy to select a different one.
  • FIXED (Windows/Apple): Plug-ins now longer show a 'restore IAP' button at top right; use the button in the main App.
  • FIXED (AZ): The '+' button in mixes showed the 'name file' alert, but nothing happened after OK was pressed.
  • FIXED (GP): IAP purchases of TJ (Tip Jar) items can now be repeated if you want.
  • CHANGED: 'Lite+' mode now removed as Lite mode is itself now simpler, better and more powerful.
  • REMOVED: Removed Settings > General > 'Display Language' as only EN strings are now included.

23.1.0: Jan 20th 2023

Wotja 23.1.0

  • [Deprecated W23.8.0] NEW: 'Pro' (Mobile) Unlock IAP option in the Wotja In-App Store for those wishing to use Wotja 23 on iOS/iPadOS ONLY.
  • FIXED (macOS/iOS): 'Listening' generators now work again in the AU3 Plug-in.
  • FIXED (Windows): 'Listening' generators now work again in the VST3 Plug-in.
  • FIXED (macOS): When the AU3 Plug-in window was open and a new document was created (e.g. Mix), it could look like the AU3 Plug-in has hung; it hadn't, but the alert asking for a document name was behind the AU3 Plug-in window.
  • FIXED: If an underlying Template used by a Cell had gone missing that Cell was blank, even if there was custom data in that Cell.
  • FIXED (macOS): Sped-up the macOS TTS speech rate (macOS 13+ required) to match that in iOS.
  • FIXED: Display of file sizes in Mix Record tab.
  • FIXED: Rare crash using RHS menu button in Documents list.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on App shutdown.
  • FIXED: Rare crash on AU3 Plug-in shutdown.
  • FIXED: Rare crash where Scale rule index could go out of range in the composition engine.
  • FIXED (iOS): Crash accessing clipboard data if user rejected the alert to access clipboard data.
  • FIXED: Some _very_ old content could have an invalid filter type in the FX network data, resulting in a Filter that had no effect; it is now treated as a standard Low Pass.
  • FIXED: Parsing of (very) old format Noatikl file data (V1 Noatikl XML format).
  • IMPROVED (macOS): We now use a standard macOS single-line text entry alert where possible.
  • IMPROVED: We no longer append the date/time to recording file names.
  • IMPROVED: Updated Wotja file icon in Documents screens.
  • IMPROVED: Updated User Guide.
  • OTHER: Various other minor fixes/improvements.

23.0.2: Jan 1st 2023

Wotja 23 - initial release

  • NEW: WAE Sample Player Unit: New modulatable & polyphonic Tone Generator (TG) unit that plays Ogg and (generative) Template file data (Templates are "cooked" in memory to audio before use); it has support for (MIDI & Controller) pitch shifting, direction reverse and several loop/play modes as well as an optional built-in envelope.
  • NEW: WAE Filter Unit: New improved Filter Type options, 2-pole and 4-pole.
  • NEW: WAE LFO Unit: New Euclidian LFO Type: Euclidian for modulation with euclidian patterns.
  • NEW: WAE R2XL FX Unit: 10 new 'go to' ABC Reverb Presets (also included as ABC Reverb FX Presets).
  • NEW: Mix files: Sample Player source data (loaded via the WAE Sample Player Unit) can be saved to the mix file for sharing of completely self contained and unique-sounding mixes.
  • NEW: Schemas (formerly called Randomization Presets): Now edited in the Schema Editor, accessed from Schemas screen > Schema Actions Button.
  • NEW: Documents Screen: Schemas screen where non-included Schemas have thumbnails generated from colours in the Schema.
  • NEW: Documents Screen: New Recordings Screen to make it easy to find/play your Wotja folder (saved) recordings.
  • NEW: Documents Screen: New List view and faster loading of mix files.
  • NEW: Add File: You can now edit the file name before saving a newly created file.
  • NEW: Music Mode: Much improved and simplified Cell layout with badges and thumbnails, Track Mute/Solo highlighting, and new options to display a specific column in the Grid button menu.
  • NEW: Music Mode: New "One Tap Trigger" Track Play Type for quick/easy playing of a cell and live performance.
  • NEW: Music Mode: Template browser now supports Cell referencing of Audio (WAV, Ogg) and MIDI files directly from the Wotja Folder (they no longer have to be in Paks [zip files]).
  • NEW: Recording: New auto and manual Ogg encoding (export a .WAV file to an .Ogg file for use in WAE Sample Player Unit).
  • NEW: Included SF2: New "UK Woodland Birds" with many awesome samples for use in the WAE Wavetable unit.
  • NEW: Included Templates: New "WJ23 Drones", "WJ23 Basses", "WJ23 Classic Polysynth", "WJ23 Environments" and "Sample Player Resources" Paks which include many awesome Templates and Ogg samples.
  • NEW: Schemas: Two new settings Environment Cells and Drone Cells settings to control how many Cells are populated with the related Templates.
  • NEW: Included Schemas: New "Environments 1" and "Drones 2" (subject to change).
  • CHANGED: Filetype extensions: Changed to be .wotja_tp (Template), .wotja_al (Album), .wotja_ls (Playlist),.wotja_sc (Schema), .wotja_sy (Synth Preset) and .wotja_fx (FX Preset).
  • CHANGED: Rationalised App Range: We've moved to just one Wotja 23 App (Bundle) per year per OS platform; for those that want it, a new Pro One Time Buy (OTB) option is the functional equivalent of getting a paid-for Pro variant in previous years.
  • OTHER: "V23 Play me!" mix: Shows some of the new templates and capabilities in action.
  • MORE: Many other improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes.