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Wotja 24.1: Live Generative Music

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March 21st 2024, UK: Intermorphic Ltd announces a major update of Wotja, its powerful system for on-device generation of Live Generative Music & MIDI. V24.1 features an updated Wotja URI format with API command support for Developers, Wotja URI player and lots more...

Wotja is for iOS®, iPadOS®, macOS®, tvOS®, Windows®, Android®, Fire OS® and watchOS®. iOS/iPadOS/macOS & Windows Apps are AUv3/VST3 Hosts & include AUv3/VST3 Plug-ins respectively.

Wotja small 'W' iconWotja 24.1 Key Changes (see table)

This free update sees revised Wotja URI formats with API command support which make it much easier for Wotja Artists to share their creations and for 3rd Party Developers to now experiment with using Wotja (and extended Wotja Script support) to generate live generative background music for an App/Game.

In both cases the WJURI is played by Wotja in a new built-in URI Player. There are also many improvements to usability including new Quick Start and Share screens. In Wotja for Windows there is now support to set both the Wotja Documents folder and VST3 Plug-in search path.

In Wotja 24.1 it is a snap to share and play Wotja URIs - see the Wotja URI examples.

Tim Cole & Pete Cole, the Intermorphic founders and brother team said “There is a huge amount in this update and it has been a massive undertaking to pull together. We hope Wotja Artists enjoy sharing their creations and we look forward to seeing how App/Game Developers might use the new capabilities.”

What are 'Features', 'Feature Set' & 'New Features' ? | What are Lite & Pro modes?
Go Pro to unlock Pro mode (AKA Pro) and do the max! See the full Feature Set.
Limitations indicated in red & auto-timeouts with a | Feature Set subject to change | Licensing of Recordings
24 FS: Wotja Auto-Timeouts Lite (FREE) Pro
App: Album file 15 mins None
App: Schema file (Flow Player) 5 mins None
App: Mix or Template file 2 mins None
Plug-in: ALL filetypes 2 mins None
TV Player: Schemas 5 mins None
IMPORTANT NOTICE for XX Pro One Time Buy (OTB) Customers
24 FS: NEW FEATURES in Wotja 24 Lite (FREE) Pro
Text-to-Music Generator 'Arp' options for 'Text-to-Arp' (TTA) [24.0] Yes Yes
Macro Oscillator 2 (WAE TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
Resonator (WAE TG Unit [Experimental]) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM Piano Damped' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM E-Piano' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
'24 IM Strings' SoundFont (for WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
24 Arps and 24 Strings Templates [24.0] Yes Yes
Many new 24 Synth and FX Presets for use in the WAE [24.0] Yes Yes
Schema format extended to support Mix Root, Mix Rules, Schema Scripts [24.0] Yes Yes
Various 24 Schemas [24.0] Yes Yes
Add or Export User Schema to Album [24.0] No Yes
Play an Album that includes a Schema [24.0] Yes Yes
Create New Template from a built-in Template [24.0] No Yes
24 FS: IMPROVEMENTS in Wotja 24 Lite (FREE) Pro
Quick Start Screen to help make it easier for new users [24.1] Yes Yes
URI Player for playing a Wotja URI (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android) [24.1] Yes Yes
Share screen for much easier exporting/sharing of a Wotja URI [24.1] Yes Yes
Any 'Import from Clipboard' option auto-opens in the correct Doc Screen [24.1] Yes Yes
Wotja Script extended for use of Rules, Templates, WAE Presets & more [24.1] Yes Yes
24 Schemas updated, improved & extended [24.1] Yes Yes
Wotja Folder can be specified by user (Windows) [24.1] Yes Yes
Plug-in search path for VST folder scanning (Windows) [24.1] Yes Yes
Add File thumbnail buttons added to relevant Document Screens [24.1] Yes Yes
Main filetype formats have been modified for easier sharing [24.1] Yes Yes
API command support in Wotja URI for App/Game Devs [24.1] Yes Yes
Example Projects for App/Game Devs (iOS/macOS/Windows/Android) [24.1] Yes Yes
Standalone User Guides & PDFs for the WME, WAE & WSE [24.1] Yes Yes
Support for use of SF3 (Ogg) files (in WAE Wavetable TG Unit) [24.0] Yes Yes
More WAE Reverb Presets [24.0] Yes Yes
Multiple File tabs in Mobile version [24.0] Yes Yes
24 FS: Wotja App Lite (FREE) Pro
Multi-channel MIDI Out/In Ch 1 only 16 Channels
Mix Record to Audio/MIDI No Yes
Hosted Plug-in data saved to Mixes No Yes
Create Playlists No Yes
Edit Schemas No Yes
Edit Albums No Yes
Save Flow to Mix or Album file No Yes
Export Mix to/from Album No Yes
Export/Import/Merge Cells (Templates) No Yes
Export/Import Sequence Generator & some Text related data No Yes
Remove Wotja watermark (full/display screen) No Yes
Sleep Timer No Yes
Custom Mix FX Override No Yes
AUv3 [AKA AU3] Plug-in Hosting (macOS/iOS) Yes Yes
VST3 Plug-in Hosting (Windows) Yes Yes
Load SF2/DLS/ZIP (i.e. Pak) files from file system Yes Yes
iCloud for Wotja Folder (iOS/macOS only) Yes Yes
Inter-App Audio/Audiobus/Ableton Link (iOS App only) Yes Yes
Play Schemas Yes Yes
Create/Edit/Play/Save/Export/Import Mixes Yes Yes
Create/Play/Save/Export/Import Albums Yes Yes
Create/Edit/Save/Export/Import Synth & FX Networks Yes Yes
12 Track Mix Editing Yes Yes
Access to all Editors - Mix, Text, Display, Plug-gins & Engines (WME, WAE) Yes Yes
Wotja Script Editing (WSE) Yes Yes
Save Text Rules & Text to Mixes Yes Yes
Import Text/Rules Yes Yes
Many, many, many other features & capabilities... Yes Yes
24 FS: Wotja Plug-in Lite (FREE) Pro
Mix File/Session Saving No Yes
Mix Record to Audio/MIDI No No
Support for Plug-in hosting No No
In-App Store No No
24 FS: Wotja Player for TV Lite (FREE) Pro
Plays Built-in Schemas only Yes Yes
Plays other File Types No No
Support for Plug-in hosting No No
In-App Store No No
24 FS: Engines Lite (FREE) Pro
Wotja 24 WME (Music Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WAE (Audio Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WSE (Script Engine) Yes Yes
Wotja 24 WTE (Text Engine) Yes Yes
24 FS: Add-on Paks | See PAK EULA Lite (FREE) Pro
Pro Paks FREE and licensed for use in specified version(s) Not licensed Yes

Wotja 24: Further Information

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About Intermorphic (press contact):

Intermorphic Ltd was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Cole and Pete Cole. It develops Wotja, a powerful system for on-device generation of Live Generative Music & MIDI. Amongst other things, it uses generative music, text-to-music, scripting & cut-up techniques.

The Cole brothers ("the Coles") have a history in music software innovation: they co-founded SSEYO in 1990 and from then to 2001 they created and worked on the BAFTA Award-winning "SSEYO Koan Interactivity Platform" which included the "Generative Music" engine used by Brian Eno for his seminal 1996 "Generative Music 1". SSEYO Koan software was available for Windows, Mac and Windows Mobile and in a range of variants from Standalone to Audio Plugin to Web Browser Plugin.

Following Tao Group's acquisition of SSEYO in 2001, the Coles created the intent Sound System (iSS) and BAFTA Award-winning "SSEYO miniMIXA", one of the world's first mobile music mixers.

The Coles subsequently co-founded Intermorphic Ltd in 2007 and went on to clean room develop and release "Noatikl: Generative Music Composer" (the evolution to SSEYO Koan) as well as the all new "Liptikl: Cut-Up Text Writer". In Q2 2008 Intermorphic secured the IP rights to the iSS and SSEYO software and in December 2008 released "Mixtikl: Generative Music Mixer" followed in 2012 by "Tiklbox: Generative Music Player".

After many years of updates to the forgoing apps and after much deliberation on the next step forward for Generative Music, the Coles decided that it was "Reflective Music". And so in 2014 along came the first of the many releases of Wotja®, a powerful system for on-device generation of Live Generative Music & MIDI. Ever since its first release, Wotja and its WME (Music), WAE (Audio), WSE (Script) and WTE (Text) engines have continued to be extended with many new features and improvements.

Intermorphic, Wotja, Wotja Music/Audio/Text/Script Engine, Wotja Pak, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Partikl, Tiklbox and their corresponding logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. Other products mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are the sole property of their respective manufacturers. WOTJA (Wordmark) registered trademark nos: EU 012329199, US 4702614. Wotja 'W' logo black (Device) registered trademark nos: EU 017082496, US 5511542.