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About Wotja®

Developed by Intermorphic

Intermorphic logoWotja

The multi-platform Wotja app is a generative music system and is developed Intermorphic Ltd. (IM).

Wotja generates ambient & adaptive music, MIDI and/or text etc. via the Wotja Music Engine (WME), Wotja Audio Engine (WAE), Wotja Text Engine (WTE) and Wotja Script Engine (WSE).

The WME relies largely on chance and deploys various AI techniques & heuristics to constrain outcomes to those that feel natural and organic. You can easily create & play or go as deep as you want. Use Wotja for ideas, music, installations and more...

It is also a DAW with support for AUv3/VST3 Plug-in Hosting, but is also an AUv3/VST3 Plug-in, too.

Deep exploration may not always be easy, but it's very rewarding - life's a journey, not a destination.


Intermorphic logoWotja Engines

At the core of Wotja are its engines. These are updated/extended (as necessary) for every major version of Wotja. That means that Wotja 23 has our very latest engines.

Wotja Music Engine

Wotja Music Engine

Wotja Music Engine AKA "WME"

The Wotja Music Engine is a powerful, flexible and deep "adaptive" generative music engine. It utilizes a range of generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques and parameters to create MIDI notes and MIDI controller events.

Wotja Audio Engine (WAE)

Wotja Audio Engine

Wotja Audio Engine AKA "WAE"

The Wotja Audio Engine is a MIDI-driven sound engine that comprises a framework of sound synthesis and fx technologies with associated design interfaces. It goes beyond the traditional limitations of MIDI as it supports control of a number of essential synth & fx units including Reverb, Delay etc.

Wotja Text Engine (WTE)

Wotja Text Engine

Wotja Text Engine AKA "WTE"

The Wotja Text Engine is our powerful cut-up text engine. It quickly generates a random cut-up from a word pool comprised of up to 5 user entered text fields as well as words blended in from an optional User Library and a user editable Wotja Word Bank.

Wotja Script Engine

Wotja Script Engine

Wotja Script Engine AKA "WSE"

The Wotja Script Engine is our ECMA Scripting (AKA JavaScript) engine.

Wotja logoWotja Content

Wotja includes a lot of content in the form of Templates and Samples, Synth & FX Presets, Schemas and SF2. It also supports the use of add-on content 'Paks'.

IM Wotja 'Pro' Pak

IM Wotja 'Pro' Paks

FREE Add-on Content from Intermorphic for 'Pro' users

Add-on content collections zipped in such a way to make them easy to use in Wotja, and with some benefits.

Released as available. For any IM Wotja Pak, the relevant mandated version of Wotja must be installed and running in 'Pro' mode for it to be licensed for use (see IM Wotja Pak EULA).

Intermorphic logoT-shirts etc.

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Intermorphic sells t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies via Amazon Merch on Demand. There is a wide range of colors/sizes to choose from. Items are available for purchase in the following country stores: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan and (via the US store) many more countries.

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By post to Registered Office Address:

Intermorphic Ltd.
Burnham Yard
London End
Bucks HP9 2JH

Intermorphic is a Limited company registered in England No. 6045407.

VAT No. GB 935 3394 09

Intermorphic is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, with Register of Data Controller Reference: ZA034466

Visit for information on data protection issues.

For other Intermorphic related details, see

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As a general template for our website layout we use the "Bootstrap Docs" layout (

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We are hugely grateful to the developers for making it available under CC3.0 and it is, quite frankly, awesome.

All-in-all it means we use "Bootstrap Docs" files (docs.css and docs.min.js) as well as the "Bootstrap Docs" webpage html. We have customized some of the html, id and class names etc. and have created our own customized CSS/JS overrides (im.css and im.js). We have then added own content (html, text, images etc).


Intermorphic logoCredits

Intermorphic is Tim Cole & Pete Cole - yes, just two brothers - and we have now been working together in generative music since 1990. However, without the incredible support and interest from so many over the years then we would not be where we are today with Wotja. Our thank-you list below is in no particular order, and does not include everyone (sorry to those we have missed!). We offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude as follows:

  • To our wives and beloved mum. Without their generous support, quiet encouragement and long suffering patience we would never have had the strength to continue on this very long and challenging road. We are only here through the immense kindness of each of them - we love you dearly, thank you!.
  • To the awesomely talented Mark Harrop and Timothy Didymus. Both are longstanding friends, colleagues & artists who are also occasional advisors and contributors. When times are hard their sublime generative music creations have given us the much needed inspiration to press onwards. On many occasions we have also had the pleasure of commissioning them and what you hear is in good part down to their absolute genius - we love you dearly, thank you!
  • To all customers, and most especially those who wish to continue with us as we move forward - we love you, thank you!
  • To everyone who made contributions to our forums, has helped others and given feedback or who has blogged, tweeted, reviewed, facebooked or otherwise written nicely about or shared content they have made with our apps and in so doing helped others to find us - we love you, thank you!
  • To our outstanding beta testers for their testing efforts and everyone who has given feedback, found bugs and helped with suggestions - we love you, thank you!
  • See also our Credits from our SSEYO days.