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We (Intermorphic) are the devs of Wotja. All our legal documents are in one easy-to-find place.


Current EULAs

Wotja 24 Software EULA:

Intermorphic Wotja Pak EULA:

Older EULAs:

TOS and Privacy


Privacy Policy


Layout (Bootstrap Docs)

As a general template for our website layout we use the "Bootstrap Docs" layout (

* Bootstrap Docs
* Copyright 2011-2021 The Bootstrap Authors
* Copyright 2011-2021 Twitter, Inc.
* Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

We are hugely grateful to the developers for making it available under CC3.0 and it is, quite frankly, awesome.

All-in-all it means we use "Bootstrap Docs" files (docs.css and docs.min.js) as well as the "Bootstrap Docs" webpage html. We have customized some of the html, id and class names etc. and have created our own customized CSS/JS overrides (im.css and im.js). We have then added own content (html, text, images etc).

* Bootstrap Code (v5.3.2)
* Copyright (c) 2011-2023 The Bootstrap Authors
* Licenced under MIT

* Bootstrap Icons (v1.11.1)
* Copyright 2019-2023 The Bootstrap Authors
* Licensed under MIT


  • Intermorphic is a Limited company registered in England No. 6045407.
  • Registered Office: Intermorphic Ltd., Suites B & D, Burnham Yard, London End, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 2JH, UK
  • VAT No: GB 935 3394 09
  • ICO: Intermorphic is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, with Register of Data Controller Reference: ZA034466. Visit for information on data protection issues.
  • Trademarks: Intermorphic, Wotja, Wotja Music/Audio/Text/Script Engine, Wotja Pak, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Partikl, Tiklbox and their corresponding logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. Other products mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are the sole property of their respective manufacturers. WOTJA (Wordmark) registered trademark nos: EU 012329199, US 4702614. Wotja 'W' logo black (Device) registered trademark nos: EU 017082496, US 5511542.