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What's happening with Wotja 23

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  • 2023 Jan 20th: W23.1.0
    • Several important bug fixes and a new option for Apple devices owners who only want to use Wotja 23 on iOS/iPadOS.
  • 2023 Jan 1st:
  • 2022 Dec 30th:
    • We have been working hard on preparing the Intermorphic site to be our App archive. We will upload the changes in the next day or so.
    • We have also now updated a few of the Tutorials for Wotja 23. We will do the others as soon as we can!
  • 2022 Dec 14th: New
    • Early Bird (EB) deals on Wotja 23 'Pro' Unlock:
      • We'll be running some very tasty Early Bird (EB) deals on Wotja 23 'Pro' Unlock for Apple, Windows & Android devices.
      • The Early Bird deals will now start on January 1st when Wotja 23 arrives.
      • EB1, the best one, will run through to Jan 14th (and thus ends on the 15th).
      • Check our downloads page for details, when available, and the App Stores themselves.
      • Remember that Tip Jar tips are a great temporary bridge to the new Wotja 23 version, should you want to wait for it to arrive!
    • 'Wotja 22 Pro':
      • 'Wotja 22 Pro' will be removed from sale on Dec 31st, or earlier.
      • It has already been removed from sale in the Apple App Store this year for various reasons, meaning we cannot run end-of-year deals on that.
      • The above now means we will not run end-of-year deals on 'Wotja 22 Pro' in other stores, either.
      • We're truly sorry we've not this year been able to run our usual end-of-year 'Pro' deal, e.g. on 'Wotja 22 Pro', but the Early Bird 1 deal for Wotja 23 'Pro' Unlock really is very good - and in 2023 you get Wotja 23 updates and support!
    • What's coming in Wotja 23?
      • Check out the Wotja 23 User Guide which will be online soon (and we will keep it updated).
      • From Jan 1st 2023 onwards will be the home for the latest version of Wotja!
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