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Cell Sequencing

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It is easy to sequence Cells. Firstly, set the LHS Cell display to Grid (4 Column). Then, make sure Track Play Type is set to "Sequence" and that there are no orange "Looping" Cells. Then, if you are using Generative content, change the Cell Properties > Generative Bar/Range parameters for each Cell to be between 1 and whatever you want.

Note: A Generative Bars value of 0 means the Cell generates forever (indicated by a symbol) and so will not sequence.

Note: You can also use Cell Repeats/Range with Generative content, but at every "repeat" the Cell is restarted - and that might not be what you want! However, a Cell Repeats value of 0 allows that Cell to be "skipped", which can be handy.

Tip: Cells currently have a system defined set Fade In/Out of around 2 seconds. To "mask" the change as play moves from one Cell to the next, add some Mix FX such as a WAE Reverb 2XL Unit.

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