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Video made with Wotja 20

Creating a video is a great way to share what you have created with Wotja. It is very easy to do, too, by screen recording Wotja running Full Screen. This quick tutorial steps you through how to do that.

Wotja: The video was made using Wotja 20 but the process is very similar in Wotja 21.

iOS: The tutorial assumes you have already created a Wotja mix that you are happy with. The video in it was created on an iPad with iOS 13 (which supports stereo audio recording), but could equally well have been done on an iPhone.

macOS, Windows and Android: Steps 1-3 and 5 below are just the same on these OS (i.e. the various Wotja settings and “Full Screen & Restart/Stop” method), but creating a video via screen recording may require a 3rd party app.

  1. Set Recording Time (0:20)
  2. Select Background Image (0:35)
  3. Choose Display Settings (0:55)
  4. Start Screen Recording (1:22)
  5. Select Display Action Menu Option (1:33)
  6. Stop Screen Recording (2:59)
  7. Process Video Recording (3:13)
  8. [not shown in the video as it relates to the YouTube app] To upload this video to YouTube open your YouTube app and select the "video camera" icon at the top. You should then see a screen showing all the videos you have recorded. Select the one you have made above and follow the steps to upload to YouTube! Easy and all 8 steps can be done on a mobile device
Want to check out the Wotja mix file used in this tutorial?
  1. Get Wotja.
  2. Download the mix file from here.
  3. See the instructions in how to Share.

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