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Record Camera Video Feed [OLD]


Video made with Wotja 21

With Wotja it is easy to create a live audio-visual video feed for a big screen experience. Simply use Wotja to create/play some generative music, use your device camera (iOS/Windows only) for the Wotja screen background and then screen mirror to a TV. You can even screen record to a video instead, if you prefer.

This approach makes it easy to create, in one go, a live or recorded nature video feed with background music - even use a bit of Text to Speech (iOS) if you want (as I did at the start)!

This video is just a quick example to show you how to do it - see what you can do!

Easy Steps:
  1. Play a flow, playlist or album or mix in Display Edit Mode (Flow Player; Playlist/Album Player; Mix Display Edit Mode
  2. Tap the top Action button and select "Full Screen with Camera Background" (iOS/Windows only) - see 48 seconds into the video.
  3. Screen Mirroring:
    • iOS/macOS: Open Control Centre, select Screen Mirroring and select an Apple TV
    • Windows/Android: Use a 3rd Party screen mirroring app
  4. Screen Recording:
    • iOS: Open Control Centre, select Screen Recorder and tap Start Recording (stop when you are done)
    • macOS/Windows/Android: Use a 3rd Party screen recorder
Other Notes:
  • Camera Background option only available in iOS/Windows and in modes listed in 1 above.
  • This tutorial was recorded outside, captured with iOS Screen Recorder.
  • My voice is a bit to one side because I used an external stereo mic, but that is also why you can hear birds and a bit of wind noise!
  • There was no post processing of the audio used/captured in the video.

You can easily adjust the Wotja output volume using the WAE Volume setting.

  • Device: iPad 10.5" with iOS 14.3 (iPad alternative: iPod touch, iPhone or Windows 10 device)
  • Live Generative Music: Wotja
  • Video Recorder: iOS Screen Recorder (alternative: 3rd party app)
  • External Mic (optional): Rode i-XY stereo mic (you can use the device mic if you prefer, but that might be mono)
  • Tripod (optional): Useful for stability when making a long video!
Want to check out the Wotja mix file used in this tutorial?
  1. Get Wotja.
  2. Download the mix file from here.
  3. See the instructions in how to Share.

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