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Using Synth & FX Presets

Wotja 23: Same workflow as W22 (shown).

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Wotja 23: Same workflow as W22 (shown).

Wotja uses "Networks" of Wotja Audio Engine (WAE) units to generate its sounds and FX, and it includes many "presets" of such Synth & FX (SFX) networks.

Starting with an open mix, this tutorial shows for Synth and FX presets A) how to manually select one, then B) how to randomly select another (including Wavetable Unit SF2 "patch" selections) and C) how to export your own preset (Note: In Wotja 23 these have different file extensions).

Note: Use of the WAE is optional - you can use Hosted Plug-ins or MIDI out if you prefer.

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