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Wotja Launch Icon« Tap button; Select 'Open' or 'Allow'; Background Wotja; Refresh webpage.

This mix features use of an add-on Wotja Pak. Note: If you don't have the Wotja Pak installed the mix will sound odd...

Yes, it can be done! The Wotja Pak used in this example is Morphing Drum + Bass, but could equally well have been any of the Audio Loop Paks 1-3. This means for your own webpages you could make your own generative or audio loop paks. All you need is for people to have Wotja installed and the Wotja Safari App Extension enabled and for them to save your pak zip to their Wotja iCloud folder.

Required Pak: "Morphing Drum + Bass" | Installation

Mix Play Time: 2 minutes in Wotja Lite mode; no timeout in Wotja Pro mode.

Mix Download: Tap the download button and tap "Open" or "Allow" in the pop-up dialog.

Mix Import (Desktop version only): Right tap the download button and select "Copy Link" then in Documents > Mixes tap the "+" button and select "From Clipboard".