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Wotja URL ('WJURL')

See also: Sharing Wotja Files


What is a WJURL?

Wotja Mix .wotja, Album .wotja_al and Template .wotja_tp files (see filetypes) are text files.

The data in them is encoded in the form of URL link. We refer to this as a Wotja URL ('WJURL').

Mix or Album WJURLS start with wotja:// and Template WJURLs start with noatikl://.

Mix and Template WJURLs can be can be as little as 3Kb in size and can be opened in any text editor!

When would I use a WJURL?

'File-free' Sharing of Wotja Mixes, Albums and Templates

  • Because they are just text strings, WJURLs can easily be copied to the clippboard and pasted into messages or embedded in a weblinks (<a href="paste-your-WJURL-here">Name of your file</a>) etc.
  • Wrt the latter, if your website visitor has Wotja installed (which has a 'Pro' Feature Set (FS)) all they need to do is to tap the link and they can then directly import it into Wotja.
  • See: Share via Clipboard, Share as WJURL (How to' Wotjafy' a webpage).

Web Play with the Wotja Safari Extension

  • WJURLs can be anywhere in a webpage, they don't just have to be in a weblink, and they can be played by the Wotja Safari Extension for iOS and macOS.
  • See: Web Play of WJURLs.