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Wotja URL ('WJURL')

See also: Share as WJURL (Social)


What is a WJURL?

Wotja Mix .wotja, Album .wotja_al, Schema .wotja_sc and Template .wotja_tp files (see filetypes) are text files.

The data in them is encoded in the form of URL link. We refer to this as a Wotja URL ('WJURL').

Mix, Album and Schema WJURLS start with wotja:// and Template WJURLs start with noatikl://.

WJURLs can be can be as little as 3Kb in size and can be opened in any text editor!

When would I use a WJURL?

'File-free' Sharing of Wotja Mixes, Albums, Schemas and Templates

  • Because they are just text strings, WJURLs can easily be copied to the clippboard and pasted into messages or embedded in a weblinks (<a href="paste-your-WJURL-here">Name of your file</a>) etc.
  • Wrt the latter, if your website visitor has Wotja in Pro mode then all they need to do is to tap the link and they can then directly import it into Wotja.
  • See: Share via Clipboard, Share as WJURL ('Wotjafy').

Web Play with the Wotja Safari Extension

  • WJURLs can be anywhere in a webpage, they don't just have to be in a weblink, and they can be played by the Wotja Safari Extension for iOS and macOS.
  • See: Web Play of WJURLs.