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WJURL Examples

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Examples (for Safari only)

Example 1 (tap to play)

WJURL as text

Example 2 (tap to play)

WJURL in a link

Example 3 (tap to play)

WJURL using hosted plug-in

Example 4 (tap to play)

WJURL with Robots!

Example 5 (tap to play)

WJURL using add-on Pak

Example 6 (tap to play)

WJURL of Wotja Box

Example 7 (tap to play)

WJURL in web circle

What is a Wotja URL (WJURL)?

Wotja Mix or Wotja Box files ("Wotja Files") are actually text files. They have a .wotja or .wotjabox extension, but they can be opened in a text editor.

A Wotja URL ("WJURL") is simply the text in a Wotja File. It is really a kind of deep link and it always starts with wotja://. WJURLs can be as little as 3Kb in size.

Tip: WJURLs are not just for use in webpages! You can paste a WJURL into an email, message or any text-supporting app and a 'Pro' mode user can copy it to the clipboard and then import it into Wotja. No file attachment needed!

How to Play in Safari

See OS/Device Requirements.

  1. Get and install the Wotja 23 App Bundle for Apple - you will need this.
  2. Enable the Wotja 23 App Extension for Safari:
    • Safari > Preferences > Extensions > set "Wotja 23" checkbox to on.
      • Tip: If you don't want to enable for this website the Wotja 23 App Extension for Safari (our website does not request or require ANY sensitive information, including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards), you can still download the mixes embedded in each page and play them directly in Wotja.
  3. Launch Wotja 23:
    • Either tap the app icon on your iOS or macOS device to launch it in the usual manner, or;
    • Web developers: Add an embedded a href link "wotja://command=launchapp" to your webpage.
      • When this link is tapped (try tapping the example link above) it will launch and foreground Wotja provided:
        • The visitor already has Wotja installed, and;
          • Important: If there are multiple versions of Wotja installed then this might actually launch one of those instead. Wotja V23+ is required for these Safari App Extension examples to work!
        • They select "Allow" in the pop-up message "Do you want to allow this page to open ''?"
  4. Return to Safari:
  5. To stop Wotja playing:
    • Either open a page that includes the text wotja://command=stop in it, such as this one; or
      • NB: This must be the first WJURL in the page (if you have others) - it can even be hidden, as it is in this page
    • Leave the page (by loading a different Safari tab); or
    • In the Wotja app itself, tap the bottom orange "Stop Safari Extension Player" button; or
    • Tap the plugin icon in the Safari URL bar, tap the entry for the Wotja Safari Extension and in the popup menu tap the "Stop" button.

Webpage Creators

Want to find out how to embed a WJURL in a webpage?

See the "How to Wotjafy a Webpage" section in the Wotja 22 User Guide.